STEM Instructor: multiple in West Virginia

Science Adventure School
multiple in West Virginia
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$100 - $160 per day
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The Science Adventure School is a 4-day, 3-night outdoor science school serving West Virginia’s youth. We integrate adventure sports-driven STEM curriculum with hands-on, engaging environmental lessons. Through experiential education, we inspire inquiry, instill confidence, and empower the leaders of tomorrow. STEM instructors deliver lessons from our innovative Science Behind the Sport program, helping students explore the engineering, physics, and math that make their arrows hit a target and keep their BMX bikes upright. Lessons are short, activity-based, and hands-on. For example, students who have just tried rock climbing might rest while learning about the muscles that they used to climb. After the anatomy lesson, they'll partner up to make their own nylon rope, learning how climbing rope’s construction and elasticity give it strength, before heading back to the climbing wall for round two. Because students get to immediately put the fundamental principles of STEM into practice, they discover the best possible answers to the question, “How will we actually use this stuff in real life? Responsibilities and Duties: STEM Instructors will be expected to: -Deliver Science Behind the Sport educational curriculum and hands-on activities, placing special emphasis on the practical application of STEM -Manage classroom procedures and student behavior to establish an environment of group learning -Instruct groups of up to 16 sixth grade students, plus two field staff and a teacher chaperone -Engage students in a variety of outdoor adventures, which may include climbing, cycling, archery, zip lining, and paddling. STEM Instructors monitor student safety, coach and encourage students, and in some cases, help other staff run these activities (all relevant training will be provided). -Be responsible for organization and maintenance of science displays, demos, and activity aids -Manage time, risk, and travel around the site -Maintain a positive attitude, willingness to take initiative, and professional language, appearance, and behavior -Collaborate with Outdoor Education Guides, helping to orient students and facilitate teambuilding activities -Assist field staff and teachers with other camp duties as needed, to ensure success of the program as a whole
Minimum Qualifications and Requirements: The applicant must, at a minimum, have the following experience/qualification: -Post-secondary education and/or equivalent contemporary knowledge in STEM -Ability to pass a federal background check -Friendly personality with the ability to connect and communicate effectively with youth. -Be comfortable living and working in an outdoor setting that requires moderate physical activity -Excellent organizational skills and effective problem-solving skills -Passion for science, education, and creative thinking Preferred Qualifications: The following qualifications are preferred, but are not mandatory: -Prior experience working with youth (ages 10-14) -Experience/familiarity with rock climbing, archery, cycling, zip lining, paddling, and other outdoor activities -Knowledge of modern teaching strategies and techniques
Contact Person
Alice Morgan
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