Stewardship Lead, Sonoma County, California

Sonoma County, CA
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Full time Positions
$25 per hour; Competitive Benefits Package
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POSITION SUMMARY LandPaths seeks an individual with a passion for building a diverse, healthy and whole community connected with the land. The ideal candidate is driven, energetic and creative; excels in an active work environment, is committed to equity in access to nature, and loves the outdoors. The Stewardship Lead will provide leadership and area-expertise to LandPaths’ Preserves, updating and maintaining Preserve Resource Management Plans to guide stewardship which enhances conservation, educational, and community goals in the context of traditional ecological knowledge, science, and the critical challenge of climate change. The Stewardship Lead will represent LandPaths in the field mentoring field staff, with a specific focus on engaging volunteers and community partners in active stewardship. The Stewardship Lead will develop and implement projects that support long-term infrastructure goals without compromising ecological functioning. The Stewardship Lead will provide leadership across LandPaths’ initiatives to engage all LandPaths programs in stewardship. The Stewardship Lead will provide leadership through program goal setting and planning, implementation and evaluation. The Stewardship Lead is responsible for co-developing and implementing excellent, up-to-date Resource Management and Preserve Plans, and field-based stewardship programs that educate and build community. The Stewardship Lead will report to and work in collaboration with the Community Stewardship Manager to train and mentor staff, interns, and volunteers and evaluate field programs. POSITION DUTIES Big Picture  Assess current Stewardship program, including program delivery, and evaluation for excellence;  Work with Community Stewardship Manager to develop multi-year Stewardship vision and strategy aligning with LandPaths’ Strategic Plan;  Become knowledgeable and conversant in all aspects of LandPaths’ mission, values, strategic plan, preserves and community programs;  Present to community groups and agencies, articulating LandPaths’ positive impact on land conservation and resource management in order to promote LandPaths’ stewardship to partner groups and public;  Develop and deepen through active listening and mutual understanding, relationships to engage and expand community stewardship and volunteer participation, advancing LandPaths’ stewardship goals; Program Implementation & Administration Lead:  Develop, update, and implement each property’s Resource Management Plan and annual goals;  Mentor, train and monitor high performing team of field specialists; ensure team is prepared to contribute at their highest level and ensure they have the knowledge, skills and ability to succeed;  Evaluate program effectiveness and impact;  Communicate program accomplishments and impact for outreach and fundraising needs;  Monitor budgets;  Monitor contract, grant and program deliverables;  Oversee completion of tracking and invoicing spreadsheets.  Develop and coordinate calendar (scheduling, themes, staffing) for field days and program year;  Lead field implementation (content, logistics, safety).  Maintain strong communication with interested interns/volunteers from recruitment, selection, participation, field day reports, to project results;  Stay up to date on best practices and techniques, maintaining an awareness of changing standards in relevant fields, such as conservation biology, traditional ecological knowledge, fire ecology and trail building. Support:  Active in the development of Preserve Plans;  Communicate stewardship work with partners, funders, municipalities, property owners and neighbors;  Participate and take leadership roles in community partnerships, collaborations, and initiatives that advance land conservation in the County;  Pursue funding opportunities and partnerships to advance LandPaths’ stewardship goals
EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS A successful candidate will likely have significant experience leading ecological conservation and land stewardship programs, including the following qualifications:  A genuine passion for ecology and equity;  5-years or more experience leading conservation and stewardship programs, and engaging volunteers;  Knowledge of ecology, biology, forestry, geology, traditional ecological knowledge, and infrastructure maintenance;  Knowledge of CEQA, land planning;  Working knowledge of GIS and ability to create simple maps;  Experience with operations and planning of a preserve;  Ability to lead crews in tasks including invasive species removal, erosion control and trail building;  Excellent interpersonal skills;  Experience with program or project implementation;  Detail oriented, well organized;  Strong communication skills: articulate with proven ability to write effectively and speak persuasively;  Bi-lingual and/or having a significant cross-cultural experience or understanding;  College degree or relevant work experience. ATTRIBUTES A successful candidate will embrace LandPaths’ values and culture, including the following:  Embrace LandPaths’ values, inclusive of our commitment to fairness and equity;  Thrives in a creative, problem solving atmosphere of shared leadership and unrelenting drive to improve;  Curious; enjoys learning and supporting the work of others;  Excels in a strong team centered work environment, while able to work independently;  Works best in busy work environment, managing multiple variables with divergent goals;  High integrity and strong commitment to program and organizational goals;  Confident in area expertise, and flexible, able to engage with new ideas and approaches;  Enjoys and expresses joy as part of a positive work environment;  Practiced public speaker, energized by engaging with people on topics of land stewardship and conservation. TO APPLY Interested applicants should send a BRIEF AND SPECIFIC cover letter and resume to LandPaths ~ attn: HR, 618 4th Street, Suite 217, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 or Recommended deadline to apply is Tuesday, February 23, 2021; open until filled.
Contact Person
Sheridan Rapolla
Contact Phone
707-544-7284 x101
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