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Kearneysville, WV
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Postdoctoral Research Associate on Flow Ecology in Headwater Streams We seek a Postdoctoral Research Associate as part of a nation-wide, interdisciplinary team investigating fish responses to flow variation in headwater streams. The project goal is to model stream flow in headwater streams and to relate flow to stream fish population dynamics. The post-doc will address three primary tasks: 1. Modeling flow in stream networks: effects of landform features and vegetation biomass on spatial and temporal variation in stream flow Tasks: (a) assist flow rating-curve development for a network of flow (pressure) gages, (b) compare distributed flow (pressure) data to downstream pour-point flow data (traditional gage) across high- and low-flow conditions, (c) quantify ecologically-relevant flow statistics for trout population dynamics, and (d) predict spatial and temporal variation in flow statistics from environmental covariates Study area: focal watersheds in Shenandoah National Park (VA) and West Brook watershed (MA) 2. Brook trout demography: modeling effects of flow on spatial and temporal variation in brook trout abundance Tasks: (a) quantify temporal variance in trout abundance from long-term collections (NPS data); (b) quantify spatial structure in trout abundance from video collections (USGS data); and (c) evaluate flow predictors for spatial and temporal trout abundance patterns Study area: focal watersheds in Shenandoah National Park (VA) and West Brook watershed (MA) 3. Brook trout movement: assessing trout movement thresholds during low-flow conditions in a headwater stream Tasks: (a) assist organization of fish PIT tag/antenna data within a stream network; (b) quantify associated flow data; and (c) assess thresholds for fish movement based on flow conditions. Study area: West Brook watershed (MA) This GS-12 position is supported for 1.5 years (possibly longer) and is funded by the Ecosystem Mission Area of the US Geological Survey. Nathaniel Hitt, Ben Letcher and Craig Snyder will co-supervise the position. The position is located at the USGS Leetown Science Center in Kearneysville, West Virginia, with occasional travel to Turners Falls, MA. The target start-date is November 2019 or soon thereafter. To apply, send a cover letter, CV, and contact information for references to Nathaniel (Than) Hitt .
PhD in ecology, hydrology or related field with experience in flow modeling and ecological modeling
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Than Hitt,
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