Stream Restoration Technician: OR/WA/ID Travelling

Anabranch Solutions, LLC/Eco Logical Research
OR/WA/ID Travelling
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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Anabranch Solutions, LLC is seeking self-motivated individuals to work on a crew implementing low-tech process-based stream restoration projects or similar activities. The primary job duties are to collect brush, woody debris, & rock, stage said materials, and construct beaver dam analogs (BDAs), post-assisted log structures, and other low-tech structures for stream restoration projects. Building these structures will require extensive use of loppers, chainsaws, cutting down and/or bucking up trees and shrubs, loading materials in and out of trucks and trailers, and operating hydraulic post-drivers, UTVs, ATVs, and potentially grip-hoists.
Minimum qualifications: No specific training or education is required Ability to work safely in remote and adverse conditions, with a wide variety of hand and power tools and a commitment to safety of oneself and all other crew members through observance of strict safety protocols (including COVID guidelines) Ability to work in a team environment and communicate clearly and regularly Positive attitude, willingness to follow all instructions of a crew leader Self-motivated and situational awareness to take care of anything that needs doing Track record of manual labor and physical fitness Must be able to safely lift and carry 55 pounds; packing heavy loads of equipment in and out of sites is often required A valid driver’s license Desired qualifications: Experience in related maintenance, construction, or management activities such as riparian planting, landscaping, trail maintenance or construction, fire-fighting, forest thinning, construction, arboriculture and/or logging. Experience or certifications including: Chainsaw certification First Aid Certification/Wilderness First Responder ATV Safety Training Troubleshooting and mechanical skills Experience driving with trailers and heavy loads
Contact Person
Samantha Bango/Alexander Walt
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