Summer Camp Counselor at Farm Camp in Cazadero, CA

Farm Camp
Cazadero, CA
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
Starting at $450/week
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
We are looking for outstanding role models who want to inspire youth and help create an amazing camp experience for our campers. Positions are available for experienced, responsible and enthusiastic leaders who are interested in devoting their summer to working with children in the outdoors, away from technology. Come join our team of dedicated, caring, creative counselors who love this job because it's both rewarding and fun. This job builds 21st-century skills applicable in any workplace including communication, collaboration, resilience, and adaptability. In addition to the weekly salary, the camp provides housing and food. Salary bumps available for Lifeguards who completed Bachelor's Degrees, and other certifications. 1st Aid and CPR certs required for all staff. Position Overview: Unit counselors are responsible for the care and supervision of the campers in all aspects of the program. Depending on the period of the day, they lead their unit group, lead activity or chore groups, supervise general areas of camp, or execute special parts of the program. They build positive relationships with campers and serve as role models and authority figures. Specific Responsibilities: General health, well-being and safety of each camper within one’s unit; activities, daily chores, showers, hygiene, appropriate dress and rest. This includes looking and listening for anything that could endanger the campers and taking action as needed. Be responsive to emotional needs to all campers such as homesickness and other problems. Offer assurance, coping techniques, and discuss problems with Directors, Head Counselors and/ or Nurse. Report all major accidents or illness to the Directors and Nurse, and fill out an Incident Report immediately. Maintenance of the unit, fire circle, blue box, lanterns and general housekeeping. Being available, supervising by physical presence at all “non-activity” times; being aware of where each unit camper is at these times. Act as host/hostess at dining table, encouraging good mealtime habits. Make meals pleasant and fun! Do not insist that campers eat all food or disallow campers to take more food. Participate in clean up. Carry through and instruct campers on daily farm chore. Maintain an adequate inventory of feed and supplies by taking regular inventories and notifying the appropriate person of your chore needs. Attend staff meetings and discuss any issues with campers. Find out from campers their specific program desires and share personal preferences in leading activities. Communicate regularly with the Directors. Write introductory postcards to the parents of each camper assigned to your unit, highlighting what the camper has enjoyed at camp so far. Always try to maintain a positive attitude and resolve conflicts with a calm mindset as they occur, freely conferring with the Directors. Support and follow established camp rules, procedures, and camp community. Masks and social distancing will be part of camp this summer, as needed, to maintain safety. Staff should be open to getting vaccinated if possible, regular COVID testing, a 10-day staff training will serve as a quarantine period before campers arrive.
1. Interest in child development, camp program, and sustainable outdoor living 2. One year of college education, travel, or work experience beyond high school significant for camping. 3. Knowledge and skills in a variety of camp program areas, preferred. 4. All counselors are responsible for being CPR and First Aid certified before they arrive at camp. Note: Applicants are expected to be able to work from the beginning of staff training until the end of camp. If your available dates fall outside of this range, or you have other scheduling conflicts, please email the office before applying.
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