Summer Intern: Louisiana

Blackhawk Whitetails
24 miles from Simmesport, Louisiana
Job Category
Last Date to Apply
Daily duties are but not limited to the following: o Feeding fawns multiple times a day o Preparing milk station o Preparing bottles o Cleaning stalls o Keep feeding records/times o Checking fawn temperatures (AM & PM) o Checking pens for newborn fawns o Herd health checks (fawns and mature herd) o Cleaning fawn building/milk station o Must be able to carry 50lbs o Enjoy your work!
Qualifications include: o Field of interest or Study in Captive Wildlife/Wildlife & Fisheries/Animal Agriculture/Natural Resources/Veterinary Medicine preferred o Acquired a degree in or currently enrolled for a degree (see as list above). o Physically able to lift 50lbs o Physically able to work in hot summer conditions for long duration o Bottle Feeding experience o Take/Follow directions well o Capable of following a daily schedule o Capable of working under stressful conditions o Capable of working long nights nursing newborn fawns Bonus Qualifications but not required: o Experience in bottle feeding deer o Experience in deer industry o Experience in animal husbandry o Experience in vet tech positions
Contact Person
Please send resume and cover letter to Josh Kaplan at or Ashton Landry at
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