Summer intern, nature center, Northern Illinois

Stillman Nature Center
Stillman Nature Center, 33 W. Penny Rd. South Barrington Il.
Job Category
$13.00 per hour
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
INTERN RESPONSIBILITIES FOR 2023 1) Maintain trails. This will primarily involve removing branches that impede a visitor’s progress along the trails. We have miles of trails. 2) Identify and control non-native plant species. Buckthorn, garlic mustard and teasel all need to be addressed. Particular attention should be given to species found in our area but not yet established in the nature center (e.g. purple loosestrife). 3) Captive raptor care and management. The Nature Center’s educational displays include eight species of permanently-injured birds of prey. The interns will help in all aspects of working with these raptors. These duties would include everything from cage cleaning and talon trimming to helping with education programs. 4) Enhance woodland trail. We are hoping to plant some more native trees and shrubs. Assuming a small grant comes through, the interns will be watering and making sure these plants get through their first summer. 5) Assist naturalist with educational programs and activities. This could include pond study and bird banding classes done at the nature center to raptor programs done at local libraries and schools. 6) Maintain and survey bird boxes. Stillman has bird boxes scattered around the property designed for everything from bluebirds to wood ducks. These need to be inspected, repositioned, replaced, or removed. 7) Inspect and clear fencelines, if time allows.
We accept undergrad or grad students in environmental related field of study. If you’re interested in an intern position please email or send us a cover letter that includes your field of study and purpose in applying. A resume would also be helpful.
Contact Person
Mark Spreyer
Contact Phone
(847) 428-OWLS (6957)
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