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$450.00 bi-weekly stipend + housing
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At MacArthur Beach State Park (MBSP), we offer Summer Naturalist Internships that provide the opportunity to gain invaluable professional development and real-world experiences for recent college/university graduates with a degree in environmental education, biological sciences, and other related fields. John D. MacArthur Beach State Park was established in 1989, the only state park in Palm Beach County. The State Park was established to protect a diverse and undisturbed subtropical coastal habitat from development. The Park is named for John D. MacArthur, whose generosity allowed the State of Florida to secure the land. Developed in part with funds donated by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Park opened to the public in 1989. The purpose was and is still today, to protect a very rare and spectacularly beautiful piece of Florida’s southeast coast. Summer Interns at MBSP will be given leadership roles in facilitating our Environmental Education Summer Camp, which is focused on Environmental Science and Marine Biology concepts. The main goal is for campers to walk away a clear understanding of good stewardship and how to take care of our environment Summer Camp Activities include: • Exploring the Organisms of Coastal Ecosystems on land and in the water • Rock Reef Snorkeling and Fish Counts with campers • Estuary Seagrass Surveys and Biodiversity studies with campers • Hiking and Kayaking with campers • Skype with a Scientist Summer Camp Intern Training will include: • Lifeguard/Department of Environmental Protection Snorkel Certification (Depending on skillset) • Best practices of working with children ages 6-17 • An understanding of coastal ecosystems • Leading teambuilding activities Start Date: May 15, 2023 End Date: August 4, 2023 (flexible) Summer Naturalist Interns are eligible to receive a bi-weekly stipend of $450.00 ($45/day). Depending on availability, housing on-site may be provided for Summer Naturalist Interns.
Summer Naturalist Intern Requirements: • Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in a related field • Experience or Interest in working with students of different age groups • Comfortable working in water and have the ability to swim • Must be able to lift and carry objects and materials up to 50 lbs. • Must be able to safely navigate natural unimproved terrain and ensure the safety of program participants. • Must know, respect, and follow safety policies and procedures given by the Director of Education • Must be able to consistently work in an outdoor setting with extreme weather conditions including but not limited to hot, sunny, humid, rainy, and/or cold days. To Apply: Please fill out the application in the link: Email your cover letter, resume, and application to Sarah Norton at
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