Summer REU internship: Prairie ecology in western MN

Chicago Botanic Garden and University of Minnesota
Western Central Minnesota
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Last Date to Apply
Team Echinacea investigates ecology and evolution in fragmented prairie habitat in Minnesota, focusing on a model organism, the purple coneflower. This summer, we will investigate the effects of spring fires on summer flowering, native bees, pollination, and plant reproduction. In addition to helping with ongoing research projects, REU students will pursue an independent research project related to plant ecology, entomology, pollination biology, evolution, statistics, or conservation.
We have many research projects for students interested in plant ecology, entomology, pollination biology, evolution, statistics, and conservation. Students must be willing to work outdoors in adverse conditions, exhibit patience, pay attention to detail, possess good hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, work well independently and as part of a team, and have a strong interest in scientific research. During the summer, REU participants must be enrolled in an undergraduate institution and be a US citizen or permanent resident of the US or its possessions. No field experience is necessary, but enthusiasm is a must! Individuals from groups historically excluded from science and conservation are particularly encouraged to apply.
Contact Person
Alex Carroll
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