Support scientist position: data scientist for disease ecology project

Fort Collins, CO
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GS-9 ($58,515)
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Data scientist or quantitative ecologist with knowledge of GIS and statistics to provide data analysis support for a collaborative project on optimizing control strategies of bovine tuberculosis at the deer-cattle interface. The position is located in Fort Collins, CO at the National Wildlife Research Center of USDA-APHIS- Wildlife Services. The position will involve frequent communication with applied scientists at USDA and Michigan State University as well as managers from the natural resource and agriculture state agencies in Michigan. DUTIES • Assist in research studies designed to organize, clean, and analyze wildlife disease surveillance data and associated data. • Responsibilities will include: organization and manipulation of large data sets (especially spatial data), running computer-based simulation models, performing statistical analyses, and summarizing model output and data graphically and with summary statistics. • Under the supervision of the Research Biologist, the incumbent is expected to perform a variety of data manipulation tasks to support model development, including but not restricted to: data cleaning, data summaries, diagnostics for model assessment, model evaluation, model selection, running simulation algorithms under different parameter values and organizing simulation data. At full performance, the incumbent is expected to work independently with minimal supervision. • The incumbent is expected to prepare clear graphical presentations of data, keep records of data manipulations, maintain organized data summaries, write reports summarizing methods and results, and effectively communicate with supervisory staff and collaborators from other agencies.
REQUIREMENTS • Proficiency with a programming language such as MATLAB®/R/C++/Python or equivalent to accomplish tasks. • Ability to organize, clean, and manipulate large data sets and prepare summaries of the data. • Ability to conduct statistical analyses of the data and write technical reports of the methods used and results obtained. • Vaccination against COVID-19 ADDITIONAL PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS • Proficiency with extracting and manipulating geographical information systems (GIS) and global positioning system (GPS) data. • Knowledge of the principles of disease ecology and wildlife population dynamics and the scientific literature in these fields. • Knowledge of control methodologies that are used for disease in wildlife species, livestock, and at the wildlife-livestock interface. See ANNOUNCEMENT #: USDA-WS-NWRC - 1WS405 for additional qualification requirements
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