Tall Timbers Western Pineywoods Quail Program Biologist, Livingston, TX

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The Western Pineywoods Quail Program (WPQP) is a regional program with Tall Timbers based in eastern Texas with the goal of restoring wild northern bobwhite to east Texas, western Louisiana, and southwest Arkansas via scientifically based management. An overview of Tall Timbers Game Bird Program Regional Projects can be found at: https://talltimbers.org/game-bird-program-regional-quail-projects/ WPQP is seeking a highly motivated candidate to serve as the program’s biologist promoting, coordinating, and implementing northern bobwhite conservation activities. This position is jointly funded by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) and Tall Timbers. WPQP core goals include sharing science-based management information with stakeholders for quail management. As such, the biologist will have responsibilities that include both research and outreach/engagement components. The biologist will be responsible for: • Conducting site visits and technical guidance (habitat planning) to stakeholders within the WPQP working region, including providing reports where necessary. • Engaging in partnership networks and regional working groups to ensure WPQP efforts are synergistic with otherwise independent conservation efforts in the region. • Facilitating logistics and field work activities for WPQP graduate students to accomplish study objectives. The biologist will assist in conducting field surveys and field work, as needed. • Curating and overseeing WPQP data, including data collected by graduate students and technicians. • Assisting the WPQP Director in coordinating field days and outreach events. Full participation is expected. • The biologist will have the opportunity to advance their career by publishing research and become an authority for northern bobwhite research and management in the region. Publishing is not required for the position but encouraged as datasets are available. • Representing WPQP at state, national, and international conferences. To apply, please submit via email a cover letter, resume/CV, and 3 references in a single PDF document.
• A Master’s degree in wildlife management, forestry, or a related field. • A minimum of two years of experience working with private landowners is preferred but not necessary. • The willingness to complete administrative paperwork to achieve conservation objectives. • Understanding and experience with management practices promoting habitat for northern bobwhite such as prescribed fire and timber management. • Specific knowledge of southeastern wildlife species’ habitat requirements is desirable. • Strong writing and analytical ability. Candidate should be proficient in basic statistical analyses and data curation/storage practices and programs (e.g., Program R, Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, MARK). • The ability to manage multiple concurrent projects. • Amicable communication with private and public stakeholders. • Proficiency using ArcMap. • Creating hunting opportunity is a key goal of WPQP. As such, the successful candidate should be supportive of the consumptive use of wildlife via both hunting and cultural management practices such as meso-mammal removal. • Applicant must have exemplary communication skills. • Applicant must have a clean driving record. Application deadline: November 15, 2021 or until filled
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Bradley Kubecka
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