TCiN VISTA – Texas

Texas Parks and Wildlife: Volunteer Program
Austin, Texas
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Full time Positions
$12,237.12 Yearly
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TCiN VISTA will build capacity for the children in nature movement. Duties include: (1) Research demographics & communities currently served in each region & define what populations are not currently being reached or could benefit from increased services. (2) Define what communities have the greatest need for nature-based programing & safe access to parks to increase their daily connection with nature. (3) Research needs & barriers of communities to market nature-based programing, environmental literacy & outdoor opportunities to families. (4) Develop & train regional leaders & partners on best methods & marketing tools to reach families underserved communities. (5) Research & share best practices for sustaining grassroots movements (6) Develop & provide trainings for grassroots leaders & recruit, retain, & reactivate other volunteers. (7) Work with TCiN regional leaders to improve diversity in the grassroots movement to better reflect the communities they serve.
Interest in: Children/Youth, Community Outreach, Environment, Health . Skills in: Writing/Editing, Environment, Computers/Technology, Communications, Youth Development, Community Organization
Contact Person
Erin Freiboth
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