Temp Bio Science Tech 3 – Non-Invasive Marten Survey Crew Lead, Oregon

Oregon State University
Gold Beach, OR
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We are seeking a crew lead to support a non-invasive research project addressing knowledge gaps on the ecology and distribution of federally threatened Humboldt martens in southern Oregon and northern California. The selected applicant will be hired as a temporary Biological Science Technician 3 through Oregon State University’s Institute for Natural Resources, and will work on a crew with two (2) field technicians. Applicants MUST apply at the Oregon State University link listed above, and should send application materials (cover letter, CV/resume, and contact information for three references) as a single Word or pdf document to Marie Martin – marie.martin[at]oregonstate.edu – and Erika Anderson – erika.anderson[at]oregonstate.edu. The crew lead will work independently, driving to remote areas of public (e.g., USDA Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management) and private property (i.e., privately-owned timberlands) on paved, dirt, and gravel roads and will hike on and off-trail through rugged terrain to set and maintain sampling stations. Sampling efforts will occasionally require working non-standard hours, including early mornings and late evenings. Early in the season, duties will include scouting potential survey areas, assisting colleagues with spatial planning and project management, and communicating regularly with project collaborators in potential sampling areas. During formal survey periods, duties will include setting up, maintaining, and taking down baited hair sampling stations and potentially remote cameras, providing leadership and guidance for technicians, and assisting technicians with data collection as needed. During the majority of the field season, crew members will work independently to check and maintain their stations. The crew lead will communicate regularly with the project PIs about site visits, survey logistics, crew dynamics, and any issues that may arise. During office hours, the crew lead will prep genetic samples, identify mammal species from remote camera photographs, and will enter survey data into Microsoft Excel and/or SQL databases, Google Sheets, Google Docs, or Wildlife Insights. With assistance from supervisors, the crew lead will teach technicians how to complete these tasks and will ensure technicians are storing and entering data in a safe, accurate, and replicable manner. The crew lead may also be responsible for uploading remote camera data into cloud- or Box- based storage systems. During the genetic sampling period in late August – early November, the crew lead and two technicians may need to camp for work. During this period, work days will typically be Monday – Thursday for field sampling and office tasks will be completed on Friday mornings. Per diem will be provided to absorb costs associated with food and campsite fees while camping, and an additional daily stipend will be provided to absorb costs of wear and tear on personal camping gear. The incumbent should be prepared to minimally bring a sleeping pad, bag, and tent. If applicants have concerns regarding financial barriers around acquiring gear, they should apply regardless and we will work with them to figure out alternatives. When the crew is not camping, housing will be provided in or near Gold Beach, Oregon and will include one private bedroom per crew member and shared common spaces (e.g., bathroom, kitchen, living room). The housing will likely be an unfurnished house/apartment with some essential kitchenware and furniture (e.g., mattress, camp chairs, tables) provided. OSU vehicles will be provided for field work, essential travel, and essential errands in town, but crew members will be expected to use a personal vehicle for recreation or travel during their time off.
Oregon State University’s Minimum/Required Qualifications: • A Bachelor's degree in in a field relating to biology, ecology, environmental sciences, natural resources, or a similar subject and two years of experience related to the area of assignment at a Biological Science Research Technician 2 level.; • Selected candidates must possess a valid driver license with an acceptable driving record (see OSU’s requirements here: https://transportation.oregonstate.edu/motorpool/policies); • Selected candidates must be compliant with OSU’s COVID-19 vaccination program (see requirements here: https://covid.oregonstate.edu/vaccination-program-requirement) Preferred Qualifications: • Knowledge of wildlife ecology and basic survey and monitoring methods for wildlife and vegetation communities; • Knowledge of Humboldt marten ecology and conservation and/or knowledge of marten ecology and conservation in other systems; • Experience working in the interior coastal forests of northern California and Oregon; • Experience working on federal lands and private, industrial timberlands; • Experience backpacking and/or car-camping for work; • Experience collecting data from non-invasive hair-sampling stations and/or infrared remote cameras in field-based settings; • Experience with driving 4WD vehicles on dirt and gravel roads and hiking on and off-trail through rugged terrain in remote locations to set and maintain sampling stations, potentially; • Experience working in inclement conditions including, but not limited to: smoky conditions (not to exceed OSU’s maximum particulate exposure), rainy, cold, or snowy conditions, and nocturnal hours; • Experience working in remote areas without cell service, working independently, communicating via radios and satellite communication devices, and excellent interpersonal communication skills; • Experience supervising field research technicians; • Experience working and/or living with people or groups from differing backgrounds Applicants must apply at the listed website to be formally considered and send application materials (cover letter, CV/resume, and contact information for three references) as a single Word or pdf document and any questions about the position or application procedures to Marie Martin – marie.martin[at]oregonstate.edu – and Erika Anderson erika.anderson[at]oregonstate.edu
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