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I need a technician to help me perform modified LTDS surveys out in the field for my graduate research. We will spend 8-10 hour days out in the field in southern Georgia walking transects and scoping/measuring burrows. This will be hot, dirty, uncomfortable work. We will walk 10-12 miles a day with only a 20 minute break for lunch, while carrying ~25 pounds of equipment in our hands/on our backs plus all our food/water. Last summer we walked over 400 miles of transects. Southern Georgia is known for briars, ticks, chiggers, biting flies, and generally overly hot/humid summers. If you are looking for a comfortable summer job where you won’t have to work hard, this job is not for you. Living conditions are up in the air (funding dependent) but will range from cabins at state parks to tent camping at regional parks. As such there will be unknown levels of refrigeration (possibly cooler style or non) and likely no internet for most of the summer. Transportation between field sites and between Athens, GA (where UGA is) will be provided. You will likely not be able to go home for most of the summer, as we will be going to ~13 different locations in Georgia throughout the summer. The likelihood of seeing tortoises is high – You will see hundreds over the course of the summer– but these will mostly be tortoise butts seen on a screen. There will be no handling of tortoises and very little interaction with actual tortoises beyond the scoping activities. Needed April 30th - July 20th, 2018; End date may change. Fourth of July will be an off day, but likely we will be in the middle of nowhere Georgia.
Required Qualifications: 1. 21+ years old 2. US drivers license with a clean record 3. Ability to bend/kneel/walk for 10 hours while carrying 25 pounds of equipment Desired Qualifications: 1. Willingness to spend long hours in the field with minimal breaks 2. Previous field work experience 2. Interest in wildlife ecology or sampling 3. First Aid Certification (current) 4. Good sense of humor How to apply: Send Heather Gaya (heather.gaya@uga.edu) the following information: 1. CV or resume 2. 2 references with contact information and how you know them (And yes, I will contact them before I offer you a job). 3. 1-2 page explanation of why you want this position/any previous work that might be relevant 4. Available dates 5. If you’re applying as a paid tech or if you’d also be willing to be a volunteer tech 6. Your best pun/joke 7. Future career plans (even if they aren’t related to tortoises or herpetology!)
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