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Join Dr. Mark Johnson of Global Wildlife Resources (GWR) for a 3-day wildlife handling course! GWR is dedicated to supporting wildlife professionals with humane capture and handling through training & field assistance. This class is one of the most extensive chemical immobilization courses in North America and includes hand-on labs with animals. It is invaluable to state/federal/tribal wildlife professionals, college students, and wildlife rehabilitators. This unique training focuses on the field-based needs for chemical immobilization of captive and free-ranging wildlife. With daily hands-on labs, this is the most extensive training you can receive in North America. 3-DAY LIVE COURSES WITH HANDS-ON LABS EACH DAY - Chemical Immobilization - participants immobilize live animals - TPR Lab - a practice lab with live animals to prepare for the chemical immobilization lab - Drug Delivery Systems - opportunity to practice the most effective projectors (i.e. dart guns) - Needle & Syringe Skills - building professional habits for practical field use and human safety - Blood Collection Practice Station - practice proper techniques for successful blood collection Course Content Includes: * Drug Delivery Systems * Immobilizing Drugs * Drug Dose Calculations * Five-Step Preparation for Field Operations * Legal Responsibilities * Patient Monitoring * Sampling * Veterinary Emergencies * * Euthanasia * Human Safety * Post Capture Assessment * GWR courses provide Credits for The Wildlife Society Professional Development Program and will certify professionals for any state and federal agency requiring certification. **Pair this course with the Ethical Live-Trapping for Wildlife Professionals training course and receive discounted registration!!**
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