The Raptor Center Assistant: Ohio

Glen Helen Raptor Center
Yellow Springs, Ohio
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$350/week payable via direct deposit. Federal and state withholdings apply. Furnished private room in shared intern housing.
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The Raptor Center Assistant (RCA) is an integral member of the Raptor Center educational and rehabilitation programs. Under the tutelage of the Raptor Center Director, this year-long internship provides training in raptor rehabilitation and wildlife education. In fulfilment of their training, the RCA maintains responsibility for care of the educational ambassadors, rehabilitation patients, educational programs, care of the lower floor of the Roost, and the storage rooms used by the Raptor Center on the second floor, and outside public areas around the Roost. There is currently one RCA at the Raptor Center who started in July 2021. This open position will work with the current RCA through the end of June 2022, when a new RCA will then be hired. Therefore there is always overlap between a “new” RCA and a “seasoned” one. Training: Training is an underlying goal of the Raptor Center Assistant experience. Much of the training is hands-on, achieved through the daily practice of Raptor Center operations, with ongoing guidance from the Director. Training topics include education, rehabilitation, animal husbandry, grant writing, permits, and various professional shadowing/development. Training will happen during normal working hours as well as specifically scheduled blocks during the program. The RCA is expected to participate in all training assignments and conduct him/herself professionally during offsite training opportunities. Raptor Center Assistant major responsibilities: • Daily care of educational ambassadors • Daily care of rehabilitation patients • Training and enrichment of educational ambassadors • Oversight of volunteers • Daily cleaning/maintenance of Raptor Center rooms and outdoor area • Care of breeding animals such as mice, rats and quail • Educational programs on and offsite as scheduled • Veterinarian trips as needed • Transport of birds from Brukner Nature Center as needed • Release of birds as needed • Intake birds in rehabilitation as needed • Purchasing supplies as needed • Other duties that pertain to the educational or rehabilitation mission of the Raptor Center, and further the training development of the RCA. Hours/Schedule: RCA hours fluctuate greatly based on the rehabilitation duties, educational programs, seasonal feeding times and staffing fluctuations. The RCAs work together to ensure scheduling and coverage of bird care as well as after hour bird intakes while also making sure everyone has sufficient time off to rest and recharge. Communication is key to ensure everyone’s time is respected. The RCA program can be exhausting both physically and emotionally and we encourage self-care when needed. The two RCA’s can communicate with the RC Director to take time off on occasion as needed while ensuring animal care and program coverage.
• Minimum-18 years of age • Passion for working with wildlife in the outdoors, nature and teaching • Applicant must be patient, hardworking, flexible, detail-oriented, and able to react well under pressure • Previous experience in public speaking or education preferred • Willing to live in community and work closely as a team • Ability to work outdoors in all weather • Must be fingerprinted and pass a FBI/Ohio BCI criminal background check (to be completed upon start if internship To apply: Submit application via google form: or visit
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Rebecca Jaramillo, Raptor Center Director
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