Timber Stand Improvement (Contract Inspection) Crew Lead: Pioneer, CA

Great Basin Institute
Pioneer, CA
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The Great Basin Institute, in cooperation with Eldorado National Forest (Amador Ranger District) is recruiting two (2) Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) Crew Leads to work cooperatively with USFS and GBI staff to perform inspection of contracted vegetation management and restoration projects within forest/woodland areas. This work provides professional development opportunities in standard forest management practices while supporting USFS initiatives for healthy and productive forest landscapes and resources. Duties will principally involve inspecting outcomes of fuels reduction, planting, and weed treatments. Initial work will involve oversight of contractors preforming landscape improvements on targeted areas on USFS lands. GBI Timber Stand Improvement (Contract Inspection) crews will conduct compliance inspections for both tree planting and herbicide application projects. In the latter half of the season, Crews will transition to collecting plot and regeneration data from previously planted areas. Additional service duties may include assisting with site preparation (debris removal and flagging), some felling of small-diameter trees and brush trimming (involves chainsaw use), and some pesticide application. Training will be provided in pesticide application and other project-specific techniques. This work greatly supports the regeneration of forested areas, facilitates the restoration of landscapes affected by type-conversion and high severity wildfire, and contributes to the development and refinement of management techniques and operations. Two three-person Timber Stand Improvement (Contract Inspection) crews, comprising one crew lead and two crew member per crew, will perform this work in coordination with USFS. Please note that, for several consecutive weeks at a time, the work schedule of GBI crews aligns with the work schedule of contractors when the contractors are on site. During these phases, extensive overtime (up to 12 hours per day for up to six consecutive days, paid at 1.5 times regular wage for any hours over 40 in a work week) is expected. Leadership responsibilities of this position include communication with USFS and GBI staff, maintaining safety awareness and practices in the field, scheduling, logistics, and overseeing fidelity to methods and quality of outcomes. Camping at a work site for several days may be required to meet project objectives.
This is a leadership potion and incumbent expected to exercise sound judgement, and be willing to work hard in a physically demanding position with an eye towards the safety and well being of their crew. Preferred qualifications: • Bachelor’s or Associate's degree in Forestry or a closely related field, plus applicable field experience in techniques for timber stand improvement; • Knowledge of the mixed conifer forests typical of eastern California, including common plants (woody and herbaceous), wildlife, and/or geology/topography; • Experience in chainsaw operation and pesticide application; • Experience leading forestry crews in the field, including oversight of safety, communication, fidelity to methods, and quality of accomplishments; • Ability to communicate effectively, both written and orally, with a diverse audience; • Experience using ArcGIS to create maps preferred; • Ability to navigate and collect data using handheld GPS units; • Proficiency using a compass and topographic map to navigate; • Possess a clean, valid, state-issued driver’s license with ability to safely operate and maintain a 4WD vehicle on and off paved roads; • Ability to live and work in rural and remote field and office setting; • Physically fit to work outdoors, carry up to 50 pounds of field equipment and personal gear, and withstand the rigors of a forested and/or high desert environment in all seasons; • Willingness and ability to work extensive overtime hours for several consecutive weeks multiple times during the field season; • Willingness and ability to camp in remote, primitive sites for several consecutive days; • Familiarity with best practices for field safety and Leave No Trace principles; and • Willingness and ability to consistently enact high performance standards and a strong work and team ethic in support of the mission of GBI and the goals and objectives of the USFS.
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