Trails and Recreation Technician, Pisgah National Forest – Brevard, North Carolina

The Pisgah Conservancy
Brevard, NC
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Full time Positions
$28,000 - $31,000 depending on qualifications
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INTRODUCTION The incumbent will be an employee of The Pisgah Conservancy (TPC), working in the Pisgah Ranger District near Brevard, N.C. The incumbent will help perform a variety technical trail and recreation projects for the District, working alongside the TPC Trail Specialist, U.S. Forest Service, and volunteer groups. COMPENSATION Annual salary in the range of $28,000 – $31,000, depending on the candidate’s relative experience and qualifications, plus healthcare benefits. Also, at the candidate’s option, we can provide a low cost Forest Service dorm room, single room with a single bed, located 10 miles from the primary worksite. No pets allowed. WORK HOURS The position will require periodic evening or weekend work to help manage volunteer projects for those volunteers who cannot participate during standard business hours. These projects can be expected to occur at a minimum on a monthly basis. The employee will be required, in particular, to help with TPC’s annual Pisgah Pride Day, which takes place on a Saturday. [The preceding paragraph is generally applicable to this position, but our current reality on the ground during the COVID pandemic is that the pace of volunteer activities is greatly reduced, and Pisgah Pride Day has been canceled for the second consecutive year.] DUTIES - Operate with integrity, in accordance with TPC and U.S. Forest Service policies. - Work alongside the U.S. Forest Service, TPC, and other partners to help perform recreation facilities maintenance, trail and trail feature maintenance and construction activities based on U.S. Forest Service priorities, trail design parameters, and Trail Management Objectives (TMO). - Report to TPC Executive Director as the technician’s direct supervisor. - Report to TPC Trail Specialist and U.S. Forest Service Developed Recreation Program for day-to-day project leadership. - Work with volunteers or youth crews and aid in trail project supervision, and to help with quality control oversight, safety briefings and monitoring of adherence to safety protocol. - Aid in trail design and layout activities utilizing U.S. Forest Service trail design parameters, state-of-the-art trail design principals, and advanced inventory and mapping technologies, such as global positioning systems (GPS) and geographic information systems (GIS). - Help with trail and trail feature condition inspections or assessments in accordance with U.S. Forest Service methodology, and enter data for associated upward reporting in the U.S. Forest Service database of record. - Assist in the Developed Recreation Program in construction projects, including kiosk repair, shingling, concrete, masonry, and carpentry. - Assist in the Developed Recreation Program in beautification and sanitation work, including cleaning restrooms, removing trash, mowing and landscaping. - Maintain an organized and functional Loft/shop space in the U.S. Forest Service Work Center and service trail tools regularly. - Maintain applicable U.S. Forest Service safety certifications and trainings. - Assist with non-trail related work in a manner that is subordinate to trail related work. In this regard, the employee shall help lead work projects that are consistent with TPC’s goals set forth in its Mission Statement and Project Plan (which are, Supporting Recreation -- Maintenance and Construction; Watershed Improvement; Invasive Species Eradication; Removal of Waste, Litter, & Graffiti; Wildlife Habitat Improvement & Restoration; and Education).
KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS Requirements The incumbent must: - have knowledge of, and experience and skill in sustainable trail construction/maintenance and design techniques, including the use of trail tools, trail building equipment, and GPS/GIS equipment; - have knowledge of, and experience and skill in light construction work and facility maintenance - have the ability to work fairly with a broad range of user groups, foster good working relationships with US Forest Service employees (including specialists), user groups, and volunteers - have initiative, drive, and energy; - have excellent communication skills; - have ability to work independently and retain flexibility in a dynamic work environment; - have ability to maintain focus on safety and risk management, both on a personal and group level; - have a valid driver’s license and be able to operate a pickup truck to be used for hauling trail equipment, trailers of tools, and other materials for conducting trail work; be able to help determine work requirements, resources and materials needed to implement project objectives, plans, and requirements effectively; - have a commitment to exceptional work product (quality and quantity), completed on time; have the ability to work effectively with the bureaucracy of a large federal agency, i.e., the U.S. Forest Service; and - be able to pass a background check in order to have open access to a federal facility. Preferred Additional Knowledge & Skills - Chainsaw Certification -- Class B Sawyer* - First Aid/CPR Certification* - Heavy farm equipment operation *These certifications will be required after 4-5 months in the position EDUCATION B.S. in Natural Resources (preferred) PHYSICAL DEMANDS The incumbent routinely lifts, pushes, pulls and carries items weighing 50 to 100 pounds, and occasionally up to 500 pounds, using mechanical leveraging tools. Work will routinely require walking 4-20 miles at 3 miles per hour over rough and uneven terrain and mountain biking to reach remote locations. This position is physically demanding and requires enthusiasm and motivation to handle those demands. WORK ENVIRONMENT The employee will report to the US Forest Service Ranger Station, but most of the work will be performed in a mountainous, forested environment where the terrain may be steep, uneven, rocky, wet, and covered with thick and tangled vegetation. Work will often occur in inclement weather (rain, snow, freezing temperatures or temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit). Local rainfall exceeds 80 inches per year and is a regular companion in working on the Pisgah. The employee will be required to work in high-use recreation areas on the District, including campgrounds, day use areas, and parking areas, requiring them to work safely around the public. The employee may be exposed to irritant chemicals associated with operating and maintaining motorized equipment. Work requires the use of safety equipment such as boots, gloves, goggles, chaps, and hardhats. The employee will comply with all Forest Service protocols in performing the requirements of this position. TO APPLY: Please send your resume and up to three references to: All applications due by Monday, March 1st.
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Jeff Maitz, Trail Specialist
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