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Global Wildlife Resources (GWR) is dedicated to supporting wildlife professionals and students with humane capture and handling through training & field assistance. GWR is offering a 3-day wildlife chemical capture course at the Dakota Zoo in Bismarck ND, June 11-13 (Tue-Thurs), 2019. This class is the most current and extensive yet practical chemical immobilization course in North America and includes hand-on labs with zoo exhibit animals. It has been invaluable to college students, state, federal, and tribal wildlife professionals, zoo caretakers, veterinarians, and veterinary technicians. The Dakota Zoo has an extensive collection of animals and is recognized by Wildlife Pharmaceuticals as a BAM research facility. This unique field-oriented training emphasizes professional and humane animal handling and covers practical techniques to maximize field success and human & animal safety. The course focuses on the needs of zoo and wildlife professionals to understand the skills and equipment associated with wildlife capture, physical restraint, and chemical immobilization as well as for captive and urban settings. Course content includes: Five-step Preparation for Field Operations * Legal Responsibilities * Drug Delivery Systems Immobilizing Drugs (including BAM) * Patient Monitoring * Veterinary Emergencies Sampling * Euthanasia * Human Safety * Special Topics Relating to Zoo Situations * Honoring Each Animal Through Equipment and Techniques * HANDS-ON LABS EVERY DAY: Drug Delivery Systems, Needle and Syringe Lab, TPR Lab, and Chemical Immobilization of Live Animals The dynamic course instructors Dr. Mark Johnson of Global Wildlife Resources of Freeland, Washington and Terry Lincoln, Director of the Dakota Zoo. Dr. Johnson, former veterinarian of Yellowstone National Park, has participated nationwide in a wide range of wildlife handling field operations. He enthusiastically teaches wildlife professionals and students internationally for universities, national parks, state and federal agencies, native nations, zoological parks, and private organizations. Dr. Mark has been teaching several state wildlife agencies and is a primary instructor for USDA Wildlife Services. Each new course notebooks builds upon the one before as GWR gathers new tools, techniques, and an understanding of the changing issues and culture relating to wildlife capture and handling. GWR courses promote care, honor, and respect for every animal that is handled; Each course is often a profound career experience for course participants. See our Facebook page for reviews. The course is limited to 25 participants so register early! It includes hands-on labs each day (including a drugging lab with goats which simulate deer), course notebook, and a Certificate of Training. The 3-day course fee is $650/ $545 for full-time college students and as a refresher course for those who have previously attended a GWR course. Places are reserved once payment is received. Each day is 9am-5pm and lunches are provided. To Learn More and to Register: Visit our website Training Schedule to register on-line and for a course outline, testimonials, and additional information. REVIEWS of our courses are on our FACEBOOK page: QUESTIONS? Contact us at REGISTER FOR ALL GWR TRAINING COURSES ON OUR TRAINING SCHEDULE WEBPAGE. A slideshow of one of our courses is available for viewing.
Qualifications: Anyone of college age or older. No prerequisites or previous knowledge are necessary. GWR classes are a mix of zoo & wildlife students and professionals. Anyone can register.
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