Travel Management (OHV) Technician – Utah

Great Basin Institute
BLM Monticello Field Office in southeastern Utah,
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
o Living Allowance: $10,635.20 o Education Award: $2,887.50 o No-cost, Affordable Care Act health and dental benefits o Occasional field per diem o Housing Stipend: $75/week
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The Great Basin Institute, in cooperation with the Monticello, UT Field Office (FO) of the Bureau of Land Management, is recruiting a Travel Management Technician (TMT) to join our AmeriCorps program to inventory and monitor Off Highway-Vehicle (OHV) sites and develop public outreach programs and interpretation of sites. Specifically, the TMT will support the BLM recreation program by initiating outreach and developing cooperative partnerships between the BLM Monticello FO and San Juan County, OHV groups, youth, and volunteer groups. Volunteer projects will engage local residents and groups, making improvements to OHV trails, parking areas, trail signs, information kiosks, and trailheads, and will aid the BLM Monticello FO in implementing its Travel Management Plan. The TMT will coordinate with BLM staff to identify needed improvements to designated routes with the goal of providing improved opportunities for a range of motorized recreation experiences on public lands while protecting resources and minimizing conflicts among various users. The TMT will promote Tread Lightly and Leave no Trace outdoor ethics among volunteer groups and recreation visitors. The TMT will also coordinate with FO staff to decommission unauthorized OHV routes and restore OHV disturbance.

Principal duties:
• Support the ongoing implementation of the Monticello BLM 2008 Travel Management Plan;
• Improve partnership opportunities with San Juan County , San Juan Public Entry Access Rights (SPEAR), and seek other partnership opportunities;
• Actively promote Tread Lightly and Leave No Trace education to OHV visitors and partners;
• Assist in the implementation of new trail construction, parking areas and trailheads;
• Carry out trail maintenance efforts with volunteers and BLM staff; and
• Assist in the design and implementation of a Field Office sign and monitoring plan.

Additional duties could include assisting staff with maintenance of recreation facilities and installing OHV prevention signage for Wilderness Study Areas.

This position will be appropriate for an individual with education and experience in recreation/resource management and will provide opportunities to enhance basic career skills such as organization and communication, as well as field skills including use of GPS and maps, field note methods, and fossil collection and preparation techniques. BLM Recreation staff will provide training, direction and other support. Field work will be conducted in a remote backcountry setting and will require strenuous exertion. Weather and terrain conditions may be extreme (e.g., heat, cold, thunderstorms, steep terrain). The work schedule is anticipated to be Monday-Friday, generally 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Weekends may occasionally be required.

o 31 July, 2017 – 02 February, 2018 (27-week appointment with built-in break during December winter holiday)
• Bachelor’s degree or relevant coursework in recreation/wilderness management, natural resources, or equivalent field experience;
• Experience collecting field data and/or following established field collection protocols;
• Experience using a GPS unit to navigate and collect spatial data;
• Ability to read and navigate using USGS topographic maps and a compass;
• Experience writing project reports and/or presenting technical data in an organized and understandable manner;
• Familiarity with the MS Office suite of software;
• Motivated, self-starter, detail oriented, and possess good organizational skills;
• Ability to work and occasionally camp in remote locations;
• Willingness to work to accomplish the goals and mission of the BLM and GBI;
• Ability to work in harsh and rapidly changing environments, traverse uneven terrain and withstand strenuous exertion;
• Clean, valid, state-issued driver’s license with ability to safely operate an off-highway vehicle, as well as a 4WD pickup on paved and unpaved roads; applicant must have or be able to obtain an ATV Safety Institute ATV Rider’s Certificate; and

• Meet AmeriCorps eligibility requirements: (1) U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status, (2) eligible to receive an AmeriCorps Education Award (limit of four in a lifetime or the equivalent of two full-time education awards), (3) pass National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW) and federal criminal background checks, (4) adhere to the rules, regulations and code of conduct as specified in the Member Service Agreement; and (5) not engage in any prohibited activities as listed in the Member Service Agreement.

To apply, and view additional openings, please visit:
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Augustine Sughrua
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