Two funded Ph.D. positions; Marine Toxicology; Texas State University

Texas State University
San Marcos, TX
Job Category
Graduate Assistantships
$30,000 + tuition waiver
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Two Ph.D. positions available in the Dutton Marine Toxicology Lab in the Department of Biology at Texas State University: Position 1: Investigate mercury concentrations in sediment at a mercury Superfund site and conduct acute and chronic toxicity tests on benthic organisms. Position 2: Investigate 1) how mercury and selenium concentrations and Se:Hg molar ratios vary in bay fishes along the Texas coast; 2) the transfer of trace elements through the food web in a mercury Superfund site using stable isotopes; and 3) the interaction between mercury and plastics.
Email CV and letter of interest (include previous experience, research interests, and which position you are interested in) to Dr. Jessica Dutton at M.S. degree required (must be awarded by May 2023)
Contact Person
Jessica Dutton, Ph.D.
Contact Phone
(512) 245-1015
Contact eMail
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