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Semester by the Bay/ Kenai Peninsula Collee
Homer, Alaska
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Conservation Ecology and/or Marine Mammal Biology Programs and Internships (http://semesterbythebay.org/internships/) are available in the Fall22/Spring23 Semesters at the University of Alaska Anchorage-KPC-KBC in Homer, Alaska. Semester by the Bay (SBB) is accepting applications from students interested in hands-on, placed-based study of conservation ecology and/or marine mammal biology in the beautiful seaside town of Homer, Alaska. Participants may be able to earn an occupational endorsement certificate in either or both of these specialties. Our Spring SBB courses center around conservation ecology class research projects (e.g., overwintering of rock sandpipers; intertidal, mudflat and harbor use by seabirds. shorebirds. fishes, sea otters, and harbor seals; sea grass, kelp, water quality and invertebrate prey monitoring in sloughs and estuaries; beluga monitoring in the Kenai River), as well as those conducted independently by groups of 1-3 students. Through Exploration Ecology students identify their own burning conservation questions and receive assistance designing, conducting and reporting their own mini-research projects. Our Fall SBB courses offer students numerous unique experiential learning opportunities in the lab and field, working on projects involving the behavioral ecology of beluga, humpback and killer whales, sea otters, Steller sea lions, harbor seals, and harbor porpoises, with emphasis on photo-identification techniques, acoustics, foraging ecology, habitat use, as well as marine mammal skeletal articulation and 3D photogrammetry. Additionally, students in both semesters participate in community-based *internships* and/or service-learning volunteer opportunities with governmental or non-governmental organizations while studying with us at the Kachemak Bay Campus of Kenai Peninsula College. KPC offers *in-state tuition*, and many internships include free or significantly reduced housing with our community-partner agencies (Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game, Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Reserve/USFWS, Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies, Homer Soil & Water Conservation District, Kachemak Bay Land Trust, Kachemak Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Marine Mammals Management-Alaska Region/USFWS, NOAA, Winged Whale Research). Internships still available for Fall 22! Please see www.semesterbythebay.org or email semesterbythebay@alaska.edu for more details.
Undergraduate juniors and seniors majoring in a related discipline.
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Kim Frost
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