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Barber Sensory Ecology Lab
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Work will consist of bat monitoring, insect trapping, and equipment maintenance and deployment. Fieldwork will be physically demanding and involves night hiking exposure to weather and wildlife. We camp in tents close to our experimental areas, but bathrooms and showers will be available. Having essential camping equipment is recommended, but no camping experience is necessary. We return to Boise during the weekends.
The Barber Sensory Ecology Lab is searching for assistants for the summer of 2023 data collection. The student will assist Carlos Linares (Ph.D. student in the Barber Sensory Ecology lab) in researching the effects of artificial lights on bats and insects. Qualifications: Applicants searching for a degree in wildlife biology, zoology, ecology, or a related area preferred. Past fieldwork experience will be favored, but it is not necessary for applying to the position. Solid physical condition and working independently during night hours are essential. You are a strong candidate if you are self-motivated, driven, and curious. There are opportunities to explore individual research questions. This position is an excellent opportunity to gain invaluable research experience directly linked to wildlife conservation. If hired, you will become a lab member and have the chance to participate in other projects or pursue further research opportunities working with bats, insects, and sensory ecology. We value different perspectives and backgrounds and encourage diverse opinions. We encourage you to apply if you are interested in how human activities can interfere with animals' perception of the world. The position is an excellent opportunity to gain experience applicable to grad school and government agencies' fieldwork. Spanish speaking is not a requirement, but by interacting with the lead graduate student and manager of the property where we work, you will have the opportunity to practice Spanish.
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