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Washington D.C.
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$650 per week + $1000 monthly for housing
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Project Description: The Forest Service Washington Office (WO) is outreaching for an opportunity to be a Agency Program Assistance with the Recreation, Heritage, and Volunteer Resources (RHVR) team. We seek a detail-oriented leader with experience in, recreation management, Agile program management and the ability to communicate across program areas and to all levels of the agency. This position provides an opportunity to work and collaborate with recreation managers across the country in deploying and operating a digital reservation/payment system that can assist in accomplishing recreation management goals. The Program Assistant will provide new inventory support for facility points of contacts, logistics process tracking, training, user account creation, concessionaire permits and regional coordination. Prepare for annual season ramp up and ramp down, training coordination, presentations, reminders, articles in field coordination and on SharePoint. Contact facility managers about refund requests and provide training on processing. Work with managers to update public facing information on Primary responsibilities of the position: Contract program/management (performance, call center monitoring, Idea board, Confluence) Web modernization SharePoint self-training/Management RHVR, AD Area and USFS coordination R1S Team Coordination/Govt Hot Topics/Camping microservice calls Camping new inventory management New Inventory Support for facility points of contacts, logistics, process tracking, training, test environment support, user account creation, concessionaire permits, regional coordination. Logistics and tracking needs include ensuring facility points of contact have the most recent intake packets, that intake packets are specific to USFS needs, that packets are filled out correctly by facility managers, that packets are completed. Training needs include ensuring facility points of contact have access to or received facility specific training; ensuring test and production accounts are created, unlocked, and appropriately managed. Tracking facility progress and points of contact changes through the new implementation process. Testing includes ensuring that functionality is working correctly for facilities in the test system and potentially testing new inventory on a facilities behalf. Annual season ramp up and ramp down, training coordination, presentations, reminders, articles in field coordination and on SharePoint Refund requests Contact facility managers, read them requests, show them how they can make a decision and when that decision was due. Update Facility Management Tiles (5) Related mostly to info discovered through Ratings and Review and Refund Request feedback, work with Facility Managers to update information such as: Facility Points of Contact Need to Know/Know Before you go (expected travel conditions, weather, etc.) USFS Website update requests Campsite details Feedback related to on the ground employees sent to facility managers Photos Maps
Bachelors in Communications or Recreation Management preferred, (but no specific degree required)/ computer literacy (familiar with web and other computer technology), strong communication and teamwork skills to be able to communicate across internal and external partners.
Contact Person
Vincent Jones
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