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The University of Texas at El Paso
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The landscape ecology lab at the University of Texas at El Paso is seeking graduate students to join our research team in fall 2022. Interested individuals could work on one of several areas: Ecosystem Structural Diversity and Macrosystems Biology: We are looking for students to investigate how ecosystem structural diversity and ecosystem functioning varies at spatial scales. Projects would focus on using open-source remote sensing, GIS, and ecological data and will rely heavily upon computational approaches to obtain and analyze data. Desert Landscape Ecology, Remote Sensing, and Conservation: We are looking for students to work on the remote sensing of desert ecosystem structure and to investigate how ecosystem structure is related to ecosystem processes and their management and conservation. The research for this project requires utilizing remote sensing and other field methods to collect data in the Chihuahuan Desert. Remote Sensing of Dryland Wildlife Habitat: We are looking for students to use GIS and remote sensing of dryland ecosystems to assess wildlife habitat and its use by desert species. This project would use a combination of field surveys in the Chihuahuan Desert and open-source GIS datasets.
Qualified candidates should have a B.S. or B.A. in Ecology, Biology, Geography, Environmental Science or related field by fall 2022 with an interest in plant or wildlife ecology, landscape ecology, and remote sensing. Applications to the UTEP graduate school are due Feb 1, 2022, but interested students should send a resume/CV and a summary of their research interests to Dr. LaRue at ealarue@utep.edu prior to applying. Students can read more about the landscape ecology lab at elizabethannlarue.com. More information about the UTEP Department of Biological Sciences graduate programs can be found at https://www.utep.edu/science/biology/academic-programs/Graduate1.html
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Dr. Elizabeth LaRue
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