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ParagonOne in collaboration with Energy Innovation Capital
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Overview This program will focus on Energy Innovation Capital, an investment fund dedicated to enabling the development of technology that produces clean, accessible, and abundant energy. Externs will conduct a detailed analysis of the market landscape, to identify trends, drivers, and companies in emerging segments of the energy sector. EIC invests in Post-Seed through early-growth private companies at the leading edge of innovation. A core component of venture capital investing is understanding the macroeconomic trends in specific target verticals and identifying the leading-edge start-ups that solve relevant problems. With climate change and the decarbonization imperative, renewable energy and battery storage are set to grow exponentially. Fast-evolving segments include battery technology/ chemistries, power/energy analytics, carbon capture, carbon accounting and marketplace, waste-to-energy, EV infrastructure, concentrated solar power, and nuclear energy. Understanding these emerging segments and identifying what it takes to differentiate and win will be key in helping Energy Innovation Capital to provide capital to the best start-ups and founders, and that’s where you come in! The Experience As an extern, you will research the market landscape of the emerging segments within the energy sector and provide an overview of the background, key trends and emerging innovations, investment opportunities, risks & mitigants, and major players. These emerging markets are critical pillars of the Energy Transition and key toward a Net Zero future. Externs will conduct market research to help the Energy Innovation Capital investment team make multi-million dollar investment decisions and provide capital to the companies that will define the future of energy, a cornerstone for modern prosperity. During this Externship, you will: Get familiar with EIC's mission and investment thesis. Understand the basics of venture capital and market analysis. Conduct basic exploratory research on one of the emerging segments within the energy sector; Conduct more in-depth research on the assigned segment to identify drivers, macro-trends impacting the segment, challenges, risks, and emerging companies; Identify interesting players, including public companies, private companies, and startups, in the industry that are developing innovations and dominating the market share. Use data analytics tools to discover insights about the emerging markets in energy sector Learn to organize, analyze, and visualize data using tools like Excel, Tableau, SQL Create and deliver a compelling presentation showcasing insights into the market landscape.
Qualifications We are seeking ambitious undergrad and graduate students with a strong interest in renewable energy, market research, or venture capital. Students with backgrounds in finance, business, marketing, engineering, and physics are highly encouraged to apply.
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