Vegetation Biologist – California

Point Reyes National Seashore
Point Reyes Station, CA
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Point Reyes National Seashore (Seashore), a unit of the National Park Service (NPS), is seeking a Vegetation Biologist (Biologist) to manage several vegetation management-related projects involving both invasive plant monitoring and removal, as well as revegetation. The position is a temporary position under the NPS for one year, extendable to 2 years. The Biologist will Design and manage post-fire invasive plant monitoring and removal program following the 2020 Woodware Fire in the Seashore. The Biologist will also manage post-construction invasive plant monitoring and removal for a large roads project in the Seashore, including monitoring success of revegetation of special status plant species. The Biologist will assist with design and manage a terrestrial mitigation project, including restoration of native soils, invasives removal, and revegetation, as well as monitoring of revegetation success and post-project vegetation recovery. The Biologist will conduct invasives removal using a variety of removal methods, including manual removal, mechanical removal (e.g., chainsaws, and herbicide. The Biologist will also conduct revegetation including installation of container plants, salvaged plants, as well as seed sowing. Management of these projects will require preparation of contract specifications and bid packages; supervision of contractor crews; hiring and supervision of seasonal staff; development, management, and reporting of budgets; preparation of environmental compliance; and preparation of annual project/budget reports. The Biologist will perform tabular and spatial data collection, management, and analysis using database software (Excel, Access), GPS (Trimble, mobile units running ArcCollector), and ArcGIS. The Biologist will also plan, coordinate and lead volunteer programs. Annual and sick leave are provided, and health benefits are available. Cost of living in Marin County is significantly higher than the national average. Housing for rental within the park may be available, but is not guaranteed. The full job description and qualifications required are posted at
The applicant must have demonstrated experience and skills in vegetation management-related projects involving invasives removal, as well as revegetation. The applicant should have experience in developing and managing invasives monitoring programs; preparing contract specifications and bid packages; developing, managing, and reporting budgets; supervision of contractor crews; hiring and supervision of seasonal crew; and supervision of volunteers. The applicant must have experience with herbicide application, manual, and mechanical removal (e.g., chainsaws) of invasives. Possession of a Qualified Applicator Certificate (QAC) from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) is highly desirable. The applicant should have a strong, working knowledge of California flora and skills in identifying species with only minimal use of a taxonomic key. The applicant must have strong writing skills and experience producing reports. The applicant must have demonstrated experience and skills with tabular/spatial data management such as database programs (Excel, Access), GPS (Trimble or mobile units using ArcCollector), and GIS (ArcGIS). Applicants should be able to conduct field work in all weather conditions with frequent exposure to poison oak, stinging nettle, ticks, and mosquitoes and be able to conduct strenuous activities such as hiking over rough and uneven terrain carrying a 30-lb pack or operating a chainsaw. To apply, email your resume, supporting documents such as Veterans Preference documentation, along with college transcripts to The transcripts must be a legible copy from an accredited institution with your name, school name, credit hours, course level, major(s), and grade-point average or class ranking. Transcripts do not need to be official, but if you are selected for this position and you used your education to qualify, you must provide official transcripts before you begin work.
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Lorraine Parsons
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