Vegetation & Butterfly Technicians (2): Missouri

University of Central Missouri
Warrensburg, MO
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$15/hr + housing
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Description: Four (4) field technician positions are available for the summer 2023 field season to aid in researching tallgrass prairie butterfly habitats. This project is a joint effort between the University of Central Missouri and the Missouri Department of Conservation to better describe how vegetation and management influence Regal Fritillary butterfly population sizes. Positions are full-time, approximately 40 hours a week. As work is weather dependent, working on weekends may be required. Qualified candidates must be able to commit to the full term of the monitoring season (11 weeks, May 15-July 30), have a valid driver’s license and good driving record, be able to drive long distances, work efficiently with a partner in the field, and have attention to detail. Technicians will travel throughout southwest Missouri, primarily gathering vegetation data following standardized protocols. Butterfly surveys for regal fritillary butterflies may also be performed during the season. Housing is provided during the field season on the UCM campus. Vehicles for traveling to and from field sites are also provided. General duties include: • Navigating and driving to field sites alongside a partner • Collecting vegetation data using established procedures (Daubenmire quadrat and Robel pole visual obstruction) along predetermined transects • Data entry • Preforming butterfly surveys for regal fritillary butterflies (line-distance transect surveys) along predetermined transects
Minimum Qualifications: • Currently have or are enrolled in a program to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Biology or a related field • Willingness and ability to work as part of a team and alongside a partner in the field • Experience following methodological protocols in an outdoor fieldwork environment • Have a valid, state-issued driver’s license and ability to drive long distances • Willingness and ability to work safely in hot, humid, and sunny conditions and follow safety precautions when exposed to poison ivy, ticks, mosquitos, and other outdoor hazards Preferred Qualifications: • Experience identifying plants and using field guides or dichotomous keys for identification • Familiarity with flowering plants in the southwestern Missouri region • Experience with Daubenmire quadrat, Robel pole visual obstruction, and/or butterfly line-distance transect surveys • Experience using hand-held GPS for navigation Applicants: To apply, send a resume/CV, cover letter, and contact information for two references to with the email subject “Summer 2023 Vegetation Technician"
Contact Person
Tiffany Perron
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