Vegetation Monitoring Biological Science Assistant– Oregon *Emergency Hire

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Coos Bay/Roseburg, OR
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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We seek a field technician to be part of a crew researching forage availability for Roosevelt elk in the Tioga Wildlife Management Unit in western Oregon’s costal range. The technician will be employed for 3 months to work on a research project examining forage quality and quantity. The technician will assist in forage analysis by collecting vegetation samples and fecal samples. Work hours will be long and variable and will include weekends. Hiking long distances in mountainous terrain will be required. Other duties may be assigned as needed. Primary duties include: • Participate in preparing for the field season • Properly identify flora and utilizing dichotomous keys • Collecting vegetation samples using established protocol • Estimate cover of vegetation • Collect and prepares voucher specimens of difficult taxa for later identification • Assists with field data collection, data entry • Maintain field equipment and tools Secondary Duties Include: • Investigate cow or calf elk mortality events • Collect elk fecal samples in a target manner General field duties include: • walking long distances over uneven terrain, off-trail, often in dense vegetation • navigating off-trail with map compass and GPS • locating monitoring sites • taking photos at each site; ensuring the consistency of data quality during the field season; and maintaining safety awareness and practices.
Applicants with experience properly identify flora of the PNW and have demonstrated the ability to collect vegetation samples while using established protocols will be prioritized. Applicants must be able to conduct meticulous data collection in remote and challenging field conditions. Applicants must be capable hiking over varied and brushy terrain in inclement weather over long distances and be able to travel extensively by truck across private and public forest roads of various conditions. Ideal candidates will have demonstrated experience in conducting field work in remote locations, navigating to remote locations with a GPS, operating 4WD vehicles/ATVs. Applicants must be flexible, detail-oriented, resourceful, and comfortable working independently or as part of a team. They must be able to work long and irregular hours (holidays, weekends, early mornings/late evenings). A valid driver’s license is required and hiring is subject to ODFW policies and requirements. To apply, please send the following materials as a single PDF (via email) to 1) A cover letter highlighting relevant experience. 2) Resume/CV 3) Contact information for 3 references (please include email address and cell phone number) Please send the PDF as single attachment with the PDF and the email subject titled as “Elk VEG_Seasonal_2022_LastName_FirstName”.
Contact Person
Ray Dodd
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