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Portage, AK.
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$650 per week + $1000 monthly for housing
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A resource assistant based at the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center (BBVC) will be involved in a number of different facets of Visitor Services. During the summer season, this position will be working predominantly at the Visitor Center engaging with the public, as well as leading interpretive programs for the Forest and our partners, including the Alaska Railroad, Phillips Cruises and Tours, and Portage Glacier Cruises. The busy summer season will see the RA engaging with hundreds of Forest Visitors every week, informing them about recreation opportunities and more. The RA will develop and lead multiple different interpretive programs, including a wide range of topics like glaciers, natural ecology, geology, cultural history, local flora and fauna and more. Interpretive programs could be campfire programs, guided hikes, or onboard narration on a boat or a train. They will also have the opportunity to receive and provide feedback to their peers. Once the Visitor Center closes in September, the job duties will shift towards more environmental education and planning. We host a residential Outdoor School program at BBVC in the spring and fall which the RA would be involved with, assisting with logistics and likely leading lessons and activities for the participants. We also host field trip programs that are day programs either in Portage at the Visitor Center, or at the schools or another location. These field trips are many times in collaboration with partners like the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Kenai Mountains-Turnagain Arm National Heritage Area, Anchorage Parks Foundation and other federal agencies. The RA may be involved in other Visitor Services projects like developing and updating junior ranger books and other publications, out-year planning, agreements, budgeting and much more. BBVC offers a unique experience for Visitor Services due to the diversity of our programs and partnerships. Responsibilities: Developing and leading interpretive programs for the general public. These could be short 15-minute presentations at a campfire program or up to multiple hour programs for interpretive partnerships on boats or trains. Representing the Forest Service well. Providing excellent customer service. Work as part of a team, developing resources and sharing information with each other. Providing constructive feedback when peer-coaching and observing other team-members.
Excellent customer service. Experience with interpretive programs and/or informal education (not required but beneficial). Ability to remain flexible and adapt to a fast-paced and regularly changing work environment. Ability to work independently as well as on a team.
Contact Person
Vincent Jones
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