Refuge Outreach Intern; Marion, Illinois

USFWS National Wildlife Refuge
Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge
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Internship Start Date: January 3, 2022 Internship End Date: January 3, 2023 Stipend = $600/week + health insurance No Housing Provided (Personal Vehicle Required) Intern position description: Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge is seeking a highly motivated individual to assist in wildlife and habitat conservation in Marion, Illinois. The selected intern will gain a 360° view of what it takes to be a safe and effective employee in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Intern will work to achieve the four primary goals for the refuge which are wildlife conservation, agriculture, industry, and recreation. Located west of Marion, Illinois, on the northern edge of the Ozark foothills, Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge is one of the largest refuges in the Great Lakes/Big Rivers Region. Established in 1947, the 43,890-acre Refuge includes three man-made lakes totaling 8,700 surface acres. The Refuge landscape also includes hardwood and pine forests, croplands, grasslands, wetlands, rolling hills, and rugged terrain with slopes of 24 percent. The 4,050-acre Crab Orchard Wilderness, the first wilderness area designated in the State of Illinois, is within the Refuge. Crab Orchard Refuge is unique in the National Wildlife Refuge System in having an industrial program that generates $40 million annually to the local economy. Crab Orchard Refuge is also the only national wildlife refuge to have resident youth camps, such as those operated by Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and churches. The Refuge hosts an estimated 950,000 visitors annually. Work Products: Public Outreach and Interpretation – Intern will abide current COVID and safety related guidelines and provides interpretation, environmental education, and recreation-based programming for target audiences, as determined by the refuge. Assists with the implementation of a comprehensive public outreach program through written and oral communication Volunteer Management – Intern will support in recruiting and training volunteers. This position will help with management such as developing volunteer work project and managing schedules throughout the refuge. Intern will assist leading and monitoring the progress of volunteer projects. Intern will aid in the planning and recognizing volunteers through events, meetings, and awards. Wildlife Management programs - Intern will be involved in the refuge’s recreational wildlife programs. These programs include, hunting, fishing, wildlife observations and wildlife photography. Media and Communication - Intern will help with positively promoting the refuge using newspaper, radio, and social media. Intern will assist with drafting and preparing a variety of written materials and responses including news releases, articles, correspondence, and event flyers to increase understanding of the USFWS mission, a special event, or related issues. Intern will communicate to groups the Service’s and refuge’s programs and policies. Facility Management – Intern will assist in monitoring visitor facilities for safety, cleanliness, and accessibility and identifies and reports obvious maintenance, health, safety, and accessibility deficiencies. This intern will helping perform routine maintenance on visitor service facilities. Intern Assists with planning and design of visitor service facilities.
Qualifications: Required: • Education/Prior experience in natural/cultural history, fish and wildlife, natural resource management or recreational use of Federal lands • Strong oral and written communication skills • Ability to work with adults and children from diverse backgrounds • Ability to work independently for 8 hours without supervision in remote locations • Ability to interact with the public in a professional manner • A valid driver’s license, with a good driving record • Ability to use basic computer programs (Microsoft Office Suite) • Keep a positive attitude in adverse condition • Personal Vehicle is required • Personal Computer Also Desired: • Strong commitment to the preservation and protection of native plants and wildlife communities on public lands and eagerness to work outside under all conditions • Work with staff and volunteers from diverse backgrounds that share a common interest in preserving and protecting our natural lands while building community
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