Refuge Outreach Intern; Oak Harbor, Ohio

United States Fish and Wildlife National Wildlife Refuge
Oak Harbor, Ohio
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Intern position description: Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge is seeking a highly motivated individual to assist in visitor services, environmental education and public outreach in Oak Harbor, Ohio. The selected intern will gain a 360° view of what it takes to be a safe and effective employee in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Intern will work primarily in educational outreach and administrative duties for the refuge. Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge is in NW Ohio on the south shore of Lake Erie. The refuge is 20 miles east of Toledo, OH. The Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge features thousands of acres of forest, wetland, and grassland habitat. The Refuge place a crucial role in the management and conservation of wildlife. Just some species that might be found throughout the area are the yellow-rumped warbler, bald eagles, and muskrats. The refuge has more than 350,000 visits annually and over 14,000 volunteer hours. Peak visitation for the refuge is in the spring and is one of the best birdwatching sites in the United States. Winters are cold and can hit below zero, and average snowfall can be over 30 inches, summers can be very hot. Work Products: Key deliverables of the internship Visitor Services – Intern will support the Refuge’s visitor center and other public facilities. Intern will help in staffing the front desk and providing refuge visitors with information. This position will provide support for other administrative duties that may arise. Interpretation and Education – Intern will support and help manage a diverse array of the refuge’s interpretation and environmental education programs. These programs will involve help lead workshops as well as school programs. This position will also assist with the creation of new educational programs. Programs will most likely be conducted virtual and in person. Volunteer Projects – Intern will independently help lead small and large volunteer groups. Volunteer projects may consist of light maintenance, sign installation and trail maintenance. Digital Media - Intern will help with positively promoting the refuge using social media.
Qualifications: Required: Education/Prior experience public outreach and/or environmental education Ability to work independently for 8 hours without supervision in remote locations Knowledgeable in natural history, biology, bird identification etc. Ability to interact with the public in a professional manner Innovative thinking to help with development of new interpretation programs Ability to work with adults and children from diverse backgrounds Strong oral and written communication skills Ability to use basic computer programs (Microsoft Office Suite) Experience/willingness to learn administrative duties Group Management skills Keep a positive attitude in adverse condition A valid driver’s license, with a good driving record Personal Vehicle is required Personal Computer Also Desired: Strong commitment to the preservation and protection of native plants and wildlife communities and sharing that with the public Work independently with little supervision and self-motivate to complete tasks on time Work with staff and volunteers from diverse backgrounds that share a common interest in preserving and protecting our natural lands while building community Prior knowledge of urban outreach is a bonus Fluent in Spanish is a bonus Housing Description Housing will be provided for intern. Housing is a bunkhouse that has fully equipped including a kitchen. A TV and video player are provided, there is internet but no cable television. Intern should bring twin bed sheets, pillow, covers/sleeping bag, and all personal items for their sleeping area. A twin bed will be provided.
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