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Role and Responsibilities: Critterfacts.com is a leader in sharing stories and information about wildlife and the environment to help inspire people to save the planet. We are actively looking for passionate individuals that are engaged in citizen science, wildlife conservation, environmental awareness, wildlife and environmental educators, filmmakers, zookeepers, and more that are looking to tell their stories, spread awareness, and share their passions about wildlife and environmental related topics. Our mission is to spread knowledge, create curiosity, and inspire appreciation, for wildlife and our environment, that in turn promotes wildlife welfare, supports conservation efforts, and helps to preserve the world around us. Accepted volunteers will assist us with and have the opportunity to: • Research information about wildlife based upon assigned category’s • Create wildlife archive documents • Identify images for each archive from approved images sources • Upload and format completed archives on Critterfacts.com Objectives: As a volunteer you have the opportunity/option to learn how to do the following: • How to identify and research reputable sources of information • How to format wildlife archives documents • How to use images properly with copyright • How to format images using image software • How to create web pages using templates Wildlife Archive Categories: Currently, we have several categories of wildlife included on Critterfacts.com. Based upon your entry and interests you can be assigned to one or more of the following categories: • Mammals • Aviary • Insects • Sea Life • Amphibians • Reptiles • Endangered • Extinct • Domesticated • Plants • Other
Qualifications Requirements: You must have experience with or must be enrolled in degree programs related but not limited to Wildlife Management, Ecology, Fisheries biology, Wildlife biology, Marine biology, Habitat restoration biology, Endangered species biology, Wildlife or fish management, Zoo/Aquarium caretaking, Environmental educator, etc. Preferred Skills: We prefer individuals who are interested in research and writing. Previous writing and research samples are preferred. Other Information: This position will be unpaid and will begin based upon your programs start and end dates during the summer sessions. If you are interested in joining us then please click on the link below and fill out the interest form. The form asks basic questions about your enrolled program, interests, experience, etc. If you have a resume or CV you may email that to us. Once you submit the form we will reach out to schedule a call with Co-Founder William Colaw. Here is the link to the interest form: https://surveyhero.com/c/b1fd8bd7 If you have any questions about this opportunity then please feel free to email us at: facts@critterfacts.com Thank you in advance for your interest in CRITTERFACTS!
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