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Join this program for an unforgettable few weeks under the African sun and amongst the endangered cheetah, a species close to extinction. If you have always wanted to see South Africa and be involved with conserving one of Africa’s most graceful cats, this is the place for you. The Running Wild Conservation Volunteer Project will give you the opportunity to work with these magnificent animals while contributing to real conservation efforts to save the cheetah from going extinct in the wild. Your involvement and help will assist the project to ensure the survival of the species for generations to come. The centre does not exploit animals for monetary gain and therefore they do not offer public visits to our center and they strictly do not breed for trading purposes. Their only means of income is through volunteers, fundraising and donations. Project Highlights • Work hands on with the big cats such as cheetahs and lions • Work hands on with small cats such as caracals and servals • Live in close proximity to the lion and cheetah enclosures • Experience first-hand all aspects of the animals life • Be part of a very passionate team • Learn about conservation and Africa’s wild animals • Experience the farm animals living free amongst the wild animals A volunteer's day will consist of daily tasks including animal enrichment, enclosure cleaning, data collecting, behaviour monitoring, animal stimulation projects, tasks in and around the animal enclosures, feeding and meat preparation. You, as a volunteer, will be involved in the following activities: • Monitoring and data capture of the animals and their health and behaviour • Cleaning and maintenance of the enclosure • General camp upkeep • Assist/help prepare food for animals and feed them • Remove bones etc. left over from the animal feeding and overall cleaning of camps. • Clean water dams and bowls and refresh with clean water • Assist with fitness training as well as help improving cheetah’s hunting skills by helping staff with the cheetah run on the lure machine • Bush clearing and creating pathways • Removal of invasive plant species • Maintenance work: building, painting or repair work for animal night enclosures and other structures You will also have the chance to be actively involved in the re-homing and release of meerkat colonies as well as vervet monkeys. The aim is to enlighten you in the true conservation efforts done in terms of rehabilitation and release of captive animals. Also that you leave us with added skills in animal husbandry as well as the skills and basic knowledge needed to run and manage a project of this kind. The centre is all about the animals. The farm is home to a variety of wild animals such as lions, cheetahs, servals, caracals, black footed cats, even the mischievous meerkats and more. The farm acts also as a home to wild cats that are not able to be released back into the wild, as well as a “day care” for animals that were abandoned, injured, traumatised, in need of care, support, medical attention and a home. You will work 6 days per week. Sundays are generally your day off and will give you a chance to settle into the farm or go on nearby excursions. Wednesday afternoons are also your off time to spend as you wish. Please note, this routine is kept as best as possible, however, working with animals sometimes requires a flexible schedule. The above outline is subject to change. 1600 EURO for 4 weeks 2600 EURO for 8 weeks Includes: • Accommodation • Meals • Transport airport – project • Weekly town trips For more information on the project, kindly contact us via info@intern-africa.eu
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