Volunteer at Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Africa

Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue
Cameroon, Africa
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Unpaid; however lodging & food are provided. ed.
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Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue (SYCR) is located on the edge of a lush forest in Cameroon (west-central Africa) and provides sanctuary for 75 orphaned chimpanzees. The sanctuary seeks volunteers throughout the year and has several immediate openings (starting date negotiable). Founded and directed by a U.S. veterinarian, the sanctuary offers an unforgettable opportunity to live and work in close proximity to many amazing animals. Volunteers assist with day-to-day operations of the sanctuary and to pitch in wherever needed most. Positions are normally for 6 months but shorter stays (3 month minimum)are possible. Tasks include: - helping with daily chimpanzee feedings - washing, cutting & distributing fruit - checking fence lines, solar power, water containers - overseeing use of camp equipment - buying food & supplies in town - working with Cameroonian staff (most speak basic French) Note: contact with chimpanzees occurs 4 times/day at feedings and sometimes there is an opportunity to help care for baby chimpanzees (if they have not yet been integrated into an adult group). Please visit our website to learn more: www.sychimprescue.org
QUALIFICATIONS/EXPERIENCE - Minimum 21 yrs and paid work experience - Fluent in English or French: if fluent in French, basic conversational English required - Good general health and physical stamina; able to lift up to 40 lbs. - Able to adapt easily to changing tasks/schedules and to basic living conditions in an isolated setting Note: for veterinarians, medical personnel, mechanics, and engineers, qualifications, length of stay and fee are negotiable - please inquire. PREFER: - University degree - Work experience as part of a group or project team - Experience living, or spending extended time, in a developing country (preferably Africa) - Prior experience working with chimpanzees or other great apes
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