Volunteer at the biggest Rhino orphanage in the world – South Africa

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As a volunteer you will learn the processes involved in caring for sick and orphaned animals and will become responsible for the continued development of the animals. You will learn how to do the precise preparation of the formula for the smaller rhinos, which are being hand-reared. The volunteer team will lead the bottle-feeding and keep careful records of these rhinos feeding behavior, weight gain and development. Your daily duties: Hand rearing of orphaned rhinos. Young rhinos are very heavy and could use their weight to push the caregivers in a bid for more milk. To prevent any injuries, the rhinos are being fed through holes in the wall, allowing a safe distance between you and the rhino. General running of the center (building and maintaining bomas) Cleaning cages and bomas Preparing food for the animals Treating and caring for injured/orphaned animals Rehabilitation (i.e. walking animals in the wild etc.) Monitoring rhino behavior and socialization patterns Wound dressing Weighing animals Updating animal data records Ensuring food is stocked and in supply Work with local school communities visiting the center Other animals Due to the nature of the wildlife sanctuary, the variety of animals is constantly changing. The center is primarily a rhino sanctuary and is currently home to over two dozen rhinos, and several big cats. However, there are a wide variety of species that enter the center for rehabilitation and are subsequently released back into the wild. You will also be responsible for helping with the maintenance of the orphanage which includes cleaning, preparing food for any and all animals in care and assisting in any way possible. How does a typical day look like? 06:00 AM Wake up and get ready 07:00 AM Feeding animals at the hospital, giving milk to any baby animals, cleaning, updating animal records and ensuring that food supplies are in stock. 12:00 AM Lunch/down time 13:00 / 14.00AM Getting involved with current game farm activities 15:00 / 16:00 AM Feeding time at the hospital 18:00 AM Supper 19:00 AM Relaxation time
Introduction rate As this is a paid-for volunteering programme, the funds raised help tremendously to keep the non-profit organisation running, and the animals safe and healthy. Duration 2018 Fee 16 days 2350 USD 23 days 3200 USD 4 weeks 4050 USD Rates includes Accommodation in shared rooms 3 Meals a day Transfer from Nelspruit to the project Dedicated support staff Rates excludes Flights and travel to Nelspruit Travel Insurance(if required) Any extra excursions/trips/souvenirs Snacks
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