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San Jose, Costa Rica
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Outstanding volunteer opportunity in Costa Rica with the ANAI Stream Biomonitoring Program, based in the Talamanca/Bocas del Toro region of Costa Rica and Panama, in the watersheds of the La Amistad World Heritage Site, one of the world’s premier biodiversity “Hot Spots.” The program is unique in the American tropics, and quite possibly in the world in its blend of scientific research and applied conservation, working with indigenous and campesino communities. (Further details on request.) The region is unique in the immense variety of habitat types (streams from torrential to swampy and meandering) and cultural diversity (4 indigenous ethnias, plus the Afro-Caribbean and mestizo populations). The work involves assisting ANAI staff, indigenous bioeducators and local volunteers in carrying out biological assessments (fish, benthic macroinvertebrates and habitats), including instream visual surveys with mask and snorkel. This will normally involve 3-4 days a week during the main monitoring season of February-May. The volunteer will be expected to assist in all aspects of field and office work (meetings, data compilation, reporting, equipment maintenance, etc.) during a 6 day work week, with flexible and unpredictable hours. Our major need for volunteer help normally spans February to mid-May, but longer stays are possible and negotiable. Requisites: • Good physical health and stamina (high temperature and humidity, long hikes, carrying heavy gear, mud, insects, crossing swift flowing rivers). • Willingness to endure minimal facilities on occasional field trips. • Be comfortable working in rivers; at least some swimming ability. • Own insurance. • At least rudimentary Spanish language capability. • Ability to work in situations ranging from alone to small and large groups. • Ability to get along in diverse social situations. • Some background in biological or environmental science is desirable, not absolutely essential. • Drivers license, and ability to drive standard transmission is desirable. Volunteers must pay their way to Costa Rica, but all necessary in-country transportation, dormitory style accommodations, and all expenses during field trips (ranging from several hours to several days’ duration) will be covered by ANAI.
To apply or for further further information, contact the U.S. Biomonitoring Program Director Bill McLarney billmclarney@gmail.com, phone 828-524-8369. If you are already in Costa Rica contact CoDirector Maribel Mafla (mmafla@anaicr.org), 2756-8120 or our San Jose office (2224-6090 or 2224-3570).
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