Volunteer Field Biology Tech (2) – Minnesota

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Cook, MN
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$75/week/person grocery account plus lodging
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White-tailed Deer Habitat Study: 2 Volunteer Field Biology Tech Positions for 2018 Winter Field Season (Jan - Mar 2018) Duties: (1) Population-level assessment of winter nutritional status by serial collection and chemical analysis of white-tailed deer urine voided in snow (snow-urine). There will be extensive use of trucks, snowmobiles, snowshoes, and handheld GPS units. Duties will include collecting fresh snow-urine samples, specimen handling for laboratory analyses, data-recording, computer data input (Excel), basic GIS mapping, and equipment inventory and maintenance. (2) Investigation of mortalities of GPS-collared deer for cause. (3) Ground-truthing habitat types remotely interpreted in the UMN Remote Sensing and Geospatial Laboratory. Lodging provided at our field station located at the U. S. Forest Service barracks in Cook, MN, and $75/week/person grocery allowance.
An undergraduate degree in wildlife biology/conservation or a closely related field. Experience with handheld GPS units, maps, snowmobiles, driving pickup trucks and hauling trailers is desirable. Some training and certification will be provided. Volunteers must be comfortable with group lodging. : If interested, please contact Dr. Bill Severud at seve0135@umn.edu or project leader, Dr. Glenn DelGiudice at glenn.delgiudice@state.mn.us with a CV/resume detailing your academic background and prior field experience. Deadline: 30 November 2017
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Dr. Bill Severud
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