Volunteer Internship on Marine Turtle Conservation and Research Project, Costa Rica

Asociación de Voluntarios para el Servicio en Áreas Protegidas (ASVO)
Guanacaste and Puntarenas Costa Rica
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Volunteer Openings
Internship without payment, inter will reside the three meal (typical Costa Rican food), accommodation and the material to do the project.
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ASVO, Association of Volunteers for Service in Protected Areas, was born on 27 January 1989 with a legal identification 3-002- No. 098217-17. We are a non-governmental organization, self-managed and non-profit. 29 years ago we began the actives of conservation in Protected Areas, beaches and communities in Costa Rica promoting environmental volunteer with a social conscience aimed at domestic and foreign. Currently, we operate as a bridge between civil society and natural areas with the aim that more and more people get involved and act responsibly and voluntary conservation of our natural and cultural heritage. Our organization is open to acting now for the conservation and development of Protected Areas, for our benefit and future generation’s space. The intern on Marine Turtle Conservation and Research Project will have the next obligations 1- Assist with objectives, methodology and schedule of activities for the Marine Turtle Conservation and Research Project. 1.1. To attend and participate in the gathering of information of the beach related to the work of monitoring species, with prior authorization of the Office. 1.2. To attend placement activities, harvesting, replanting, transfer, monitoring and surveillance of nests according to procedures of sea turtle monitoring. 1.3. To assist on the release of hatchlings. 1.4. To make exhumations with the participation of the Staff. 1.5. To review and record all data gathered according to the format/protocol established by ASVO. 1.6. To be responsible for the proper use and maintenance of any tool, equipment and project facilities of ASVO. 1.7. To assist with orientation of new volunteers to the project, as needed. 1.8. To help ASVO volunteers in their roles assigned by the staff of the Project. 1.9. To introduce volunteers the methodology and practice of data collection and basic biology of sea turtles. 1.10. To participate in activities related with the community and environmental education. 1.11. Complete assigned shifts as assigned by Project Staff. 2. Assist with objectives, methodology and schedule of activities for the Marine Turtle Incubation Temperature Study. 2.1. To attend and participate with gathering of information related to marine turtle nest incubation temperature monitoring, with prior authorization of the Office. 2.2. Interns must bring their own equipment and materials in order to accomplish objectives and they will be responsible of their use and maintenance. Interns will need their own laptop for data analysis and to communicate relevant information with Research Coordinator, however, temperature measurement equipment (property of ASVO) will be provided. 2.3. To be responsible for the proper use and maintenance of any tool or equipment used for this study. 2.4. Communicate with Research Coordinator about all the activities and data analysis done related to the investigation in a timely manner. The inters will have the next living conditions 2.5. Inters will live in the station at 2, 5 km to the near town (Samara), will share rooms with a second intern, and all the station with season volunteers. 2.6. The station has a maximum space of 34 volunteers, but in hatching season the number of visiting will increase. 2.7. The station has potable water, electricity is provided by solar power, there is no Wi-Fi, 2.8. Interns will fulfil their responsibilities at the station six days of the week, from Monday to Saturday, and have Sunday as a day off, and a second day in the weekend to do personal effort at the town but they need to be coordinated with the project manager. When travel outside of the country is needed every 90 days for Visa renewal, the intern will be given 8 days off for this purpose. Any and all time off must be confirmed by the Research Coordinator and project staff and requested with a minimum of 15 days prior notice.
All applicants will need to send To the next email address rtrejo@asvocr.org; acostarica@asvocr.org and info@asvocr.org the CV and a letter responding the next questions: Why you what to do the volunteer internship? And what characteristics do you have to make you the best option for the position? ASVO is going to check all the application and select the best persons, then we will do an interview by Skype.
Contact Person
Roger Trejos
Contact Phone
(506) 2258-4430/ 2222-3612 Ext.7/ 8843-2324
Contact eMail
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