Volunteer Research Assistant Studying Canopy Communities in Kenya

University of Florida
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Volunteer research assistant position studying canopy reptiles and amphibians in Arabuko Sokoke Forest Kenya. Research will involve full days hiking and climbing trees both during the day and at night, rain or shine, sweaty and dirty. Studying edge effects on canopy dwelling reptiles and amphibians by climbing trees all through the forest and capturing frogs and lizards by hand. Camping in the rain forest for 7-14 day increments. Hot, long, sweaty, dirty, tiring days with mosquitos and other rainforest challenges included. Duties include, but not limited to: -conducting canopy (climbing 30-50m up) and ground surveys both during the day and late at night -rigging trees and setting up climbing equipment -capturing and handling lizards and frogs -identifying, weighing, measuring and sexing animals caught -placing data loggers across multiple forest transects, retrieving loggers -conducting habitat surveys to measure canopy cover, stem densities, leaf intercept, etc. - recording and entering data, scribing during surveys as needed, taking general field notes -helping set up and tear down camp as needed -being generally helpful and collaborative in all aspects of the research To apply, please send an email to Jesse Borden expressing interest. Please include a CV and some information about yourself, including why you are interested in the position, and any relevant experience you have. Further application forms and interviews will then be arranged.
Dates: May 10 - July 2 (Start date is flexible between May 8 - May 14.) Pay: This is a un-paid volunteer research position. Assistants are responsible for airfare and travel to and from Watamu Kenya, but all in-country and research-related expenses (food, lodging and permitting) will be included. Applicants must: - have prior ecological research experience, preferably working with herps (but herps not a requirement) -Be willing to work hard all hours of the day from early morning surveys to late night surveys -be able to carry heavy packs and equipment, and climb forest trees (conducting 3-6 1hour climbs per day) -willing to work alone and with others, follow directions and able to cooperate on a team -understand the importance of attention to detail in data recording, entry and research protocols Preferred but not required: -experience surveying for frogs and lizards at night -experience capturing frogs and lizards by hand -climbing experience (please mention any climbing experience you have from rocks to trees, and what level of comfort and ability you have) -experience researching in tropical forests
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