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Volunteer with African Bat Conservation in the heart of Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve Malawi. African Bat Conservation (ABC) is a non-profit conservation project based in Malawi, part of UK charity Conservation Research Africa. Malawi has been highlighted by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as of key importance to bat conservation in Africa, having high endemism and species diversity. However, it has been highlighted as an area of concern for bat populations due to increasing agricultural pressures on the environment, and high levels of deforestation. We need as much help as we can get to make a difference for bats and biodiversity in Africa, we are a small team with a big task ahead. Volunteers play a vital role in helping us to achieve our aims. In return it is our hope that volunteers will enjoy volunteering with us, meet like-minded people and develop some new skills. Volunteer or join as a student or intern. You can join for periods of 2 weeks to one year. We offer a variety of MSc/PhD project options across our sites, and provide lab facilities, research equipment and expert onsite supervision. Gain new skills including bat mist netting, bat handling, wing punch sampling, acoustic surveys, emergence counts, mitigation work, endoscope work, internal roost surveys, insect trapping & pinning, vegetation surveys and radio tracking (at certain times of year). You gain lots of skills towards your NE/NRW bat license in a short time. Volunteering with us gives you a unique opportunity to work in a remote unspoilt African wilderness with very few visitors, untouched by mass tourism as found in Kenya and Tanzania. The main ABC research camp overlooks Lake Kazuni in Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve in Northern Malawi. Living in camp you will be on permanent safari, with regular visits to camp by elephants, hippos, warthogs and monkey. Our “office” is an African paradise. From our camp we conduct bat surveys and outreach across a variety of study sites in central and northern Malawi. As a volunteer you have the opportunity to gain a unique experience of our Mobile Satellite Research Camps, whereby the team packs up the survey kit and heads out for 10 nights to to set up camp and survey bats and conduct outreach. Satellite camps give you the chance to experience a range of environments and habitats across northern and central Malawi including the shores of Lake Malawi around Kande Beach and Chintheche, Afromontane forest surveys in the Vyphia forest and Nyika National Park and village surveys in the communities around Vwaza. Volunteers are an important part of ABC and we hope to give everyone a fun and rewarding experience. Whatever your background, there is plenty you can contribute with a range of activities to match your interests and abilities. Our volunteers undertake a range of biodiversity surveying and monitoring activities, as well as community outreach, human-bat conflict and awareness activities.
Visit http://www.africanbatconservation.org/volunteer.html to download an information pack and application form or contact us on volunteer@africanbatconservation.org.
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