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The Water Quality Biologist is responsible for the maintenance of the DataSonde fleet at the Columbia office, which includes: pre- and post-deployment instrument calibrations, cleaning instruments after deployment, routine maintenance, making repairs in the lab when appropriate, coordinating service repairs with a contractor, and working with appropriate MDC personnel to establish future contracts for repairs. Biologist is responsible for DataSonde data download and QC after deployment. Data downloaded after deployment will undergo 100% verification and quality check. The biologist is responsible for coordinating with biologists who need to use equipment from the fleet. Biologist is responsible for coordinating the use of additional water quality field equipment, conducting water quality analysis when appropriate, and ordering laboratory supplies for the maintenance of this equipment. Other duties include working with the departmental safety coordinator to ensure safe lab practices, provide annual support for packing and shipping fish tissue contaminant samples, coordinating orders and shipment of fish kill kit refreshers, provide support for fish kill training, water chemistry training, DataSonde training, review and update standard operating procedures for the water quality lab and for equipment use in the field, compile case histories for fish kills, assist with compilation, analysis, and summarization of water quality and fish kill data, conducting fish kill investigations, and assist other biologists outside of these duties as needed.
BS or MS degree in an environmental science and previous work experience with laboratory equipment is required. This is a skilled labor position, requiring project specific knowledge and application of scientific method. Must be able to work independently on coordinating the maintenance, repair, and calibration of water quality equipment. Must be able to train equipment users on proper handling and care of equipment in the field and be able to supervise the use of equipment on loan. Must have previous experience working with water quality data, data entry, and data QA/QC. Must be able to summarize and analyze datasets and effectively communicate findings.
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Rebecca O'Hearn
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