Water quality modeling (postdoctoral research assoc.)–Athens, GA; possible telecommute

University of Georgia / Georgia Cooperative Research Unit
Athens, GA (possible telecommuting)
Job Category
Post Doctoral Appointments
Last Date to Apply
Provide statistical and technical assistance to the National Park Service’s Inventory and Monitoring Division, with a focus on analyzing continuous and discrete fresh water and estuarine water-quality monitoring data collected by monitoring programs in national parks throughout the southeastern United States. Prepare and provide statistical-support reports; develop methods and tools for quality-control review, analysis, and visualization of data; assist with the review of monitoring protocols (such as power analyses and evaluating data variability and recommending changes to reduce variability); present research results to partners and at scientific conferences; publish in peer-reviewed literature; assist with development of research proposals; and interact with scientists at the National Park Service and the Georgia Cooperative Research Unit and our partners. Other related duties may also be assigned as needs arise (e.g., required training, contribution to general operation of the research unit). Further, lab members are expected to help maintain a supportive collegiate environment
Required – PhD in Statistics, Ecology, Natural Resources, or related field; experience with managing data, generalized linear mixed models, and developing data visualizations; proficiency with R; ability to work independently and collaboratively; written and oral communication skills corresponding to quantitative analyses. Preferred – record of scholarship and demonstration of expertise with statistical analyses and modeling of water-quality monitoring data and other data collected from natural habitats and wild populations.
Contact Person
Dr. Brian Irwin
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