Water Snake Project Specialist

Texas State University
San Marcos, Texas
Job Category
Post Doctoral Appointments
$54,000 with 3% increase per year
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
This person will be responsible for the following main tasks: 1. Leading a field team focused on mark/recapture of water snakes in the Brazos and Colorado drainages in Texas during peak water snake season (usually April-May and August/September). 2. Collecting and organizing data, performing statistical analyses, and contributing to status report meetings with the funder/stakeholders. 3. Testing for fungal pathogens via qPCR, sequencing/genotyping the snakes and pathogens, and analyzing genetic data. 4. Communicating science through social media/websites for the general public, status reports to the funder, scientific presentations, and manuscripts for peer-review. 5. Engaging with our diverse academic community. 6. Training field technicians, undergraduates, and graduate students.
Requirements: US permanent residency or citizenship, a valid US driver’s license, the ability to operate a motor vehicle, the ability to carry at least 50 lbs., the ability to physically search for and trap snakes in and around aquatic environments, and residence in beautiful San Marcos, TX. Other qualifications: a Ph.D. in any field related to ecology and evolution, and evidence of scholarly activity broadly related to the project. Position will be preferably early-phase postdoc. Preference will be given to applicants that have experience synergistic with the project. To be considered, please send your CV with at least two professional references (letters will only be requested for finalists) to drdz@txstate.edu with Water Snake Project Specialist as the subject line. Start date is somewhat flexible, but should be between 8/1/2023 and 8/21/2023
Contact Person
David Rodriguez
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