Watershed Management Specialist; South Carolina

Spartanburg Water
Spartanburg, SC
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Spartanburg Water is looking for a Watershed Management Specialist (WMS) to perform work activities related to permitting, buffer management, watershed outreach and related programs. The WMS will also execute additional related duties to include preparing related correspondence, maintaining data/data bases, analyzing trends in compliance, preparing information for classification, permitting and enforcement activities, participates in outreach programs as directed. SPECIFIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITES 1. Ensures the protection of water quality and vegetated buffer of the drinking water supply reservoirs and watershed feeding those resources by administering the Watershed and Reservoir Management Rules and Regulations (WRMRR) and educating the public. Conducts all aspects of the land permitting programs (Landowner Access Permit, dock, shoreline stabilization, vegetation, etc.) Monitors/inspects the buffer and other sites to ensure compliance with the WRMRR, local, State, and Federal laws as appropriate. Inspects activities within the buffer and on the reservoirs for adequacy, operation and compliance with applicable permits, licenses and regulations. 2. Investigates complaints. 3. Operates the Permit Information Management System (PIMS) for issuing permits and helps maintain accurate and complete records. 4. Collects various operational, process, discharge, and environmental information for use in classification, permitting, and enforcement actions. 5. Participates in inspection of buffer lands and associated corrective actions. 6. Prepares Letters of Violation, Administrative Orders, and other enforcement related correspondence, as directed by the Watershed Coordinator. 7. Reviews engineering reports, plans, specifications, planting plans, etc., for potential new and existing adjoining landowners applying for permits and/or existing permittee’s requesting approval to modify permits. Receives, reviews, prepares, and processes various forms and documents as directed by the Watershed Coordinator. 8. Interacts and communicates with various groups and individuals to include senior management, department managers, supervisors, federal regulators, state regulators, state or SWS engineers, SWS legal counsel, vendors, consultants, contractors, etc. 9. Operates a variety of machinery and related equipment to include a computer, samplers, oxygen meter, spectrophotometer, boats, GPS equipment, camera, turbidimeter, etc. 10. Performs other related duties as required.
MINIMUM TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: • Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, Engineering or an equivalent scientific area • Minimum of one years’ experience dealing with a Watershed Management program; or any equivalent combination of education and experience that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities. • Must possess a valid driver’s license Please apply online at https://www.spartanburgwater.org/careers
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Asha McMillian
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