Watershed Restoration and GIS Internship – California

Salmon Protection and Watershed Network
Lagunitas, California
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Uppaid Internship, with housing and food
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Watershed Restoration and GIS Residential Internship Salmon Protection And Watershed Network, located in west Marin County, CA is seeking a qualified individual. Position Description: SPAWN is seeking a full-time residential intern to assist SPAWN Staff with topographic data collection, hydrological field measurements, salmonid habitat literature reviews, perform geospatial analysis using Arc GIS, implementation of habitat restoration projects, and provide volunteer outreach and management. Under supervision from SPAWN staff, the Intern will be responsible for undertaking literature reviews regarding salmonid habitat requirements, assisting Staff and Contractors with collecting topographic and hydrological field data, carry out spatial analysis of stream cooridors and floodplains, and participate in habitat restoration projects throughout the watershed. This intern will need to demonstrate experience or interest with scientific research, knowledge of Arc GIS software, hydrology, report writing, gathering and organizing research materials and equipment, working with volunteers, and experience with habitat restoration projects. The intern will gain technical skills in research and monitoring, topographic and hydrologic field data collection, spatial analysis using GIS software, salmonid habitat restoration, and volunteer management. Responsibilities include: Research, GIS, Hydrology: perform detailed literature reviews related to salmonid habitat characteristics and hydrology; participate in topographic and hydrological surveys in harsh field conditions using land survey equipment; collecting, organizing, and entering scientific data; maintaining, and managing field equipment; and carrying out GIS spatial analysis of floodplain and river topography. Habitat Restoration: assist SPAWN staff with, implementation, and monitoring of riparian restoration projects and being exposed to heat, cold, wet conditions, poison oak, and ticks; and assist SPAWN staff with propagation of native plants for use in restoration projects. Volunteer Outreach and Management: recruit and train volunteers to assist with data collection, monitoring programs, and habitat restoration projects. Residential Housing: maintain and keep clean the living space of the intern housing. About SPAWN: SPAWN works to protect endangered salmonids, countless other species, and their habitat in the Lagunitas Watershed, West Marin County, CA. This watershed supports one of the largest populations of endangered coho salmon in California, and maintains populations of threatened steelhead trout and endangered freshwater shrimp. SPAWN bases their community restoration, research, education, outreach and advocacy efforts on science-based conservation principles.
Helpful Qualifications: Experience in wildlife ecology
 Experience with ARC GIS, Lidar data, and Microsoft Excel Experience collecting, entering, and organizing field data Interest in hydrological sciences Experience in habitat restoration Strong written and verbal communication skills Ability to work independently and organize oneself
 Ability to use PC or Mac proficiently (Windows Office)
 Driver’s license Ability to project a positive image with community
 Organization skills with attention to detail. This position requires a full-time, six-month commitment. Working hours are 40 hours a week, 9 am to 5 pm with some evening and weekend work required. *This position requires extensive physical work in harsh weather, including the heat, cold, wet conditions, exposure to poison oak, ticks, and general wild environments in northern California. This position requires extensive work in water so being comfortable wading through creeks and riparian forests is essential. The selected Residential Intern will receive housing at no cost in TIRN’s newly renovated intern housing in Lagunitas, California, five miles from our offices on national parklands. The Intern will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the intern house. This is a full-time, volunteer, unpaid internship. If a student, one might be able to earn college credit.
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Preston Brown
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