Weeds, Fuels and Restoration Technician – Nevada

Great Basin Institute / BLM, Southern Nevada District Office
Las Vegas, NV
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The Great Basin Institute is working cooperatively with the Bureau of Land Management to Southern Nevada District Office to bring on a Weeds, Fuels and Restoration Technician. Invasive vegetation species encroachment in the Mojave Desert has increased fire fuel loading and created negative ecological impacts across the Southern Nevada District. The Weeds, Fuels and Restoration Technician will work in on behalf of the BLM Southern Nevada District Office (SNDO) by assisting the SNDO Weeds, Fuels and Restoration teams to locate, plan, and implement vegetation management projects. The short-term goals are to reduce invasive species that contribute to habitat loss and fire risk to the public and fire fighters, using the best available science, mechanical, chemical means, and occasionally prescribed fire. The long-term goal is to restore native vegetation to its natural state when and where possible, reduce or eliminate invasive species and associated fire risk to communities and wildlife habitat. The principle purpose(s) will be to provide technical expertise and field support in planning, managing and implementing vegetation and invasive species treatments including fuels reduction and restoration projects in Mojave Desert ecosystems. Specific tasks include, but are not limited to: • Standardization of field sampling methodology, including vegetation and fuel load monitoring; • Identifying invasive species; • Data collection utilizing GPS units and data quality assurance and control (QA/QC); • Management of agency GIS data including transfer, storage and development of database and mapping products; • Adequate analysis and reporting of data using common statistical and graphical representation tools; • Implementation planning and NEPA planning support; • Complete and submit quarterly progress reports; and • Other duties related to invasive species management, including fire and fuels. Project-related tasks are comprised of approximately 50% office tasks and 50% field tasks. Location: The technician will be based out of the BLM Southern Nevada District office, which is located in northwest Las Vegas, NV. The Southern Nevada District Office manages more than three million acres of Mojave Desert in Clark and Nye counties. The scenery varies from dramatically colorful geologic landforms and largely unspoiled panoramic vistas of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area to remote and rugged wild landscapes of Gold Butte Back Country Byway. Recreation opportunities abound and viewing sites for desert plants and animals are easily accessible. Compensation: • Rate of Pay: $17.75/hour • Health and Dental benefits Timeline: • November/December 2017 for a 12 month duration; potential for extension pending available funding and positive performance review • Full time, 40 hours per week; overtime and/or weekend hours may be required occasionally
Technical requirements- • Bachelor’s Degree in Life Sciences, or related subject matter, or a combination of experience and education – Applicants with a Master’s Degree and/or professional work experience in a related field, such as natural resources management/planning, outdoor recreation, community/land-use planning, landscape architecture or preferably Geology/Geosciences encouraged to apply; • Experience conducting and/or overseeing restoration projects; • Experience identifying plants using taxonomic keys or familiarity with Mojave Desert plants; • Knowledge of Mojave flora, fauna and environmental conditions desirable; • Experience conducting plant surveys using various monitoring protocols, including standard rangeland monitoring protocols, photo plots, and site observations; • Experience in applying revegetation and other restoration techniques; • Knowledge of appropriate herbicide selection and application techniques to oversee weed crews; • Experience with data entry and analysis; • Experience with technical writing and/or producing written project/monitoring summary reports/grant reports; • Rudimentary knowledge of the National Environmental Policy Act; • Experience working with hand-held GPS equipment for navigation and data collection; • Ability to read and navigate using topographic maps and a compass; • Experience using ArcGIS software to manage, manipulate and map field and third party collected data; and • Experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access) Additional requirements- • Valid, state-issued driver’s license and clean driving record; experience operating 4WD trucks on paved and unpaved roads; • Ability to work independently; • Ability to self-direct and self-motivate; • Ability to communicate effectively with team members, agency staff, and a diverse public; • Good organizational skills; • Willingness to spend multiple days camping in the field, sometimes in remote, undeveloped sites; • Willingness to sometimes work irregular hours (e.g., early mornings, late nights); • Ability to work in harsh and rapidly changing environments, work in all types of weather conditions and traverse uneven terrain; • Willingness and ability to lift and carry up to 50 pounds, and to perform physical labor, including but not limited to, manual removal of non-native vegetation, and planting of native vegetation; and • Successful applicant(s) must complete a Department of Interior (DOI) Background Investigation (BI) or submit paperwork to BLM human resources indicating an active and fully adjudicated BI has already been completed prior to beginning position. How to Apply: Follow this link to apply directly through our online portal: http://crcareers.thegreatbasininstitute.org/careers/Careers.aspx?rf=TAM&REQ=2017-RAP-086
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