Weekend/Holiday Student Aquarium Technician ID 172437

College of Geosciences / Texas Sea Grant
College Station, TX
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Job Description: Job Summary: THIS IS A WEEKEND/HOLIDAY ONLY POSITION. A Texas Sea Grant Student Aquarium Technician is responsible for helping the Extension team with the maintenance of the aquariums and the department’s other programs. During university holidays, technicians are to care for the fish and invertebrates living in Texas Sea Grant’s aquaria as well as help maintain the systems and equipment. This includes feeding and monitoring the health of the animals, maintaining their habitat by performing general maintenance on the aquaria and their associated equipment, as well as cleaning and monitoring the inventory of equipment and supplies. Essential Aquarium Duties and Responsibilities General tank maintenance duties include: • Cleaning and maintaining saltwater aquaria • Monitoring the health of fish and feeding when necessary • Cleaning and maintaining all filtration equipment • Testing and maintaining proper water parameters • Assistance with the installation of aquariums • Preparing saltwater reservoirs • Filing necessary paperwork • Other duties as assigned This job description represents the major duties, responsibilities, and authorities of this job, and is not intended to be a complete list of all tasks and functions. Other duties may be assigned. Learning Outcomes Student Aquarium Technicians will receive continued training and learning opportunities that will prove useful beyond their employment at Texas Sea Grant. ● Demonstrate ability to manage and maintain saltwater aquaria systems ● Demonstrate ability to manage and maintain health of fish and invertebrates in managed aquaria systems ● Demonstrate ability to organize and prioritize administrative work that has been assigned. ● Demonstrate team communication and cooperation skills
Qualifications: Minimum Requirements Experience – Student Technician must have the following experience: • MUST BE ABLE TO WORK DURING UNIVERSITY HOLIDAYS • Flexible schedule • Able to lift up to 30 lbs. • Excellent communication skills and detail oriented • Knowledge of marine biology or prior experience with aquaria (saltwater aquaria preferred) • Ability to work well with others • Travel to sites via your own transportation Knowledge, Skills, Abilities Ability to multitask and work cooperatively with others. Verbal and written communication skills. Aquaria maintenance and aquatic animal care. Registration, Certification, or Licensure None. Supervision Received/Given This position does not supervise other student employees. Other Requirements None
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