Wetland/Wildlife Field Technician-Wisconsin

UW-Stevens Point
Stevens Point, Wisconsin
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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The project examines waterbird abundance and ecological condition of wetlands and their adjacent upland sin the Glacial Habitat Restoration Area (GHRA) of Wisconsin. Selected wetlands will occur on state, federal, and private lands, Technicians will report to Stevens Point, WI, but extensive travel to the GHRA will be required. Field season will include spring (March-April) and summer (May-July). Main duties will include: following secretive marshbird protocols (call-repose surveys), conducting visual surveys of waterfowl pairs and broods, identifying other wetland dependent birds (point counts), and taking various measurement to assess wetland condition including vegetation surveys, macroinvertebrate sampling, and wetland rapid assessment methods. Other duties will include recording and managing data, data entry, contacting landowners, driving university vehicles, and interacting with state and federal conservation partners. Work will be performed with a partner or group for long hours.
- Applicants should be working toward or have a bachelor’s degree in wildlife science, natural resources, ecology, or a related field - Able to tolerate adverse field conditions including walking miles in waders through muddy and difficult terrain, exposure to low temperatures, ice, summer heat and humidity, biting insects, and irritating plants (e.g. nettles and wild parsnip) Strong work ethic -Good interpersonal skills -Flexible schedule -A satisfactory driving record as defined by UW-Stevens Point Transportation Services policy -Previous field experience identifying wetland dependent birds and wetland plants -Previous experience working in wetlands or for long days (>8 hours at times) -Previous experience using a GPS in the field
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Jake Straub
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