Wetland Wildlife Program Manager/State Waterfowl Biologist: Illinois Department of Natural Resourc

Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR)
Sangamon County
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Full time Positions
$6,301.00 - $9,218.00 monthly
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This position oversees all waterfowl hunting and conservation in the State in coordination with other states in Mississippi Flyway and USFWS; serves as a full line supervisor; plans/recommends new waterfowl management practices; prepares reports; conducts research and management studies; assists with developing/amending waterfowl statues, policies and programs.
Preferred Qualifications 1. Two (2) years of knowledge of state and federal laws, rules and regulations pertaining to fish, wildlife, forestry or natural heritage resource conservation. 2. Two (2) years of knowledge of the operations of the geographical region, or major statewide program. 3. Two (2) years of knowledge of division objectives, policies, programs and services. 4. Two (2) years of thorough knowledge of managerial procedures and techniques, program budgeting, personnel, statistics and procurement. 5. Two (2) years of thorough knowledge of natural resource management theory, principles and practices. 6. Two (2) years of experience supervising, directing and evaluating staff and operations within an assigned geographical region, or a major statewide resource program. 7. Two (2) years of experience preparing and presenting comprehensive natural resource management reports. 8. Two (2) years of experience projecting budgetary and staffing needs. 9. Two (2) years of experience solving on-site problems. 10. Two (2) years of experience securing and analyzing information and exercising sound judgment in the analysis and the evaluation of technical data, reports/papers. Employment Conditions 1. Ability to pass background check. 2. Valid driver's license. 3. Ability to travel when needed. All applicants must be able to meet the following Conditions of Employment, with or without reasonable accommodation, to be considered for the is position.
Contact Person
Mike Wefer
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